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Children's University

At Escrick C of E Primary School, we promote the York Children's University!


What is York Children’s University?

York CU encourages children to do fun and educational activities outside of the school day. It is part of a national scheme (Children’s University) for children aged 5-14.


What is a Learning Destination?

This is a place, club or organisation, offering extra-curricular activities, which teach children skills or engage them in the world. E.g. a sports club, a music group, uniformed groups or a museum. They must be extra-curricular, voluntary and can be linked to school e.g. after-school clubs. 

Learning Destinations must be registered with York CU, who will check they are offering a quality and fun activity.

Find a list of current Learning Destinations:

If you would like another provider to get registered, send us their details or ask them to get in touch. It’s a free, quick and simple process!

There are Learning Destinations all over the country so next time you’re on holiday check out your local area and don’t forget the Passport!



How does my child get involved?


  1. Pick up a CU Passport from your school and tart collecting stickers for activities you already do! Perhaps you go to a dance class, football club or swimming lessons?

  2. Try something new! Visit a ‘Learning Destinationnear you and collect a sticker when you complete their fun activity.

  3. Look out for special CU events! We run free family events in November and June, with some extra activities through school.

  4. Gain 30 hoursto receive your first award and attend Graduation at the University of York.

  5. Keep collecting stickers and reaching new awards! Where will your Passport take you?