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The results are in.... could Spiderman really exist?

After gathering all of the evidence, research and arguments, we wrote our answers: we made sure we presented a balanced discussion and were fair to both sides of the argument. You can read our formal discussion texts in class; they are summarised in the Powerpoint presentations below.


Could Spiderman Really Exist?

In our Science and topic sessions, we have been exploring this question in the hope that we can discover some answers. First of all, we considered if he would fall into any existing classification system for living things: we went out into our school grounds and explored the living things and how they would be grouped and classified.

We also wondered if there was a theory of evolution or adaptation that could explain why Spiderman has such unusual powers and abilities. Our SPAG knowledge came in handy here as we used subordinate clauses and colons to explain how he has adapted to his environment.

Over the next few weeks, we will continue to gather evidence and try to come to a conclusion about whether or not he COULD exist and what proof we have managed to collect to support our argument. Stay tuned for further investigations and our final discussions...




Classifying Plants and Animals in our school grounds

Classifying Plants and Animals in our school grounds 1
Classifying Plants and Animals in our school grounds 2
Classifying Plants and Animals in our school grounds 3

Happy New Year!

To welcome the new year as we mean to go on, Year 6 have been reflecting on the successes of last half term. In particular, their secret Christmas project...

We celebrated the gift of giving to others at Christmas time and the wonderful feeling we can share by helping others to feel joyful, often in simple ways. These short movies and presentations explain what we did and show the responses we got to our Christmas generosity project.

Sebi and Alex's Monster Making Video

Still image for this video

Christmas in the Gryffindor Common Room

Christmas in the Gryffindor Common Room 1 The House Elves of Hogwarts have been busy...


This week, we have been inspired by the new BBC series of the Blue Planet. We watched the trailer and were inspired by the amazing footage and wonderful descriptions. David Attenborough's narration was quite poetic.


We worked throughout the week to edit, plan, record, trim and add to our videos. On Friday, we watched each other's videos in a special screening - including popcorn! We evaluated them based on our own criteria - such as narration, video choice, descriptions - and we were all so impressed by how amazing they were.


One of our videos was shown in celebration assembly and the rest are available below.


Thanks to Shutterstock for the video clips and to The Blue Planet soundtrack for the backing tracks.




Emily and Eleanor's Blue Planet Movie

Still image for this video

James and Zara's Blue Planet Movie

Still image for this video

Emma and Lily's Blue Planet Movie

Still image for this video

Grace and Abigail's Blue Planet Movie

Still image for this video

Josh and Oliver's Blue Planet Movie

Still image for this video

Will, Freddie and Oliver's Blue Planet Movie

Still image for this video

Sebi and Dylan's Blue Planet Movie

Still image for this video

Emily and Sophie's Blue Planet Movie

Still image for this video

Jake and Alex - Blue Planet movie

Still image for this video

FORECAST: mostly sunny, some chances of rain in the Year 6 classroom.

Confused? All will be explained...

Will we ever see the water we drink again?

WATER is our new topic in Year 6. What a big subject!


We started by looking at how water travels around our planet and what processes are involved in the water cycle. We even managed to make it RAIN in our classroom!

Inside the pot was a small amount of water. The hot bag underneath the water caused the water to evaporate; the cold bag on top of the pot caused the water to condense. When the water droplets gathered and got too heavy, they began to precipitate (fall) from the top of the pot. It rained in our classroom!


Egyptian Dress Up Day in Y6

Y6 were Egyptians for the day! However, not just Pharaohs, Queens and Kings: we even had mummies, cats and a camel!

Take a look at our photo album below to see some of the fun things we got up to (a banquet, challenges, dancing, quizzes and more!)

Following today, we will be writing a news report about our incredible day - stay tuned!

The Temperamental Time Machine



When we arrived at school, lots of strange things had happened. Somebody's cat had gone missing, some cavemen had set up a campfire in our classroom, Roman swords were found in a lady's back garden and some other Egyptian objects had appeared. There were even reports of dinosaur footprints in Deighton.


Year 6 detectives pieced together the clues and they all pointed to our faulty time machine. When we inspected the flux capacitor, we found that it was past its 2 year warranty; we noticed there was an address we could write to so we set about writing them a letter of complaint.


We are hoping that as a result, Fluffy will be returned and that everything will go back to normal... or will it?



Multiplication and Division Fluency

It all comes down to your TIMES TABLES!

Crack this, and you will unlock speedy multiplication and division.

Over half term, if you do anything at all, make it your mission to learn your times tables.


Here are some links to games that can help you with this. Or just try the plain old 'say them out loud' - but say them forwards, backwards, quickly, upside down, etc!!

Y6 End of Day Quiz

Try it yourself! (Answers at the bottom of this section).

Q1: Spell the Egyptian word for letters and symbols (clue: it begins with h).

Q2: What did the Egyptians do in 5000BC?

Q3. Which country is the West of Egypt?

Q4. What is a vertical line of data called in a spread sheet/database?


In Year 6, we have an end of day routine. We say our end of day prayer to say thank you for the opportunity to learn and the safe homes we return to. We also enjoy an end of day quiz to put our knowledge to the test. The quickest correct answer gets to let their table go home first!


So far, our quizzes have been on the Egyptians, ICT, spelling, maths and much more!



How do you think you did?

Q1. hieroglyphics Q2. They started farming cattle and crops. Q3. Libya. Q4. A column.

Scary Stories in Year 6...

... don't read them in the dark!

This week, we have been reading scary stories and getting ideas for writing our own terrifying tales. We used the 'scary story randomiser' (See the spooky paper below) to draw out some random words to get our imagination going. Some groups had a tentacle, a broken bottle, spiders, a door slamming, whispers on the wind and many more... Each group talked about their ideas and shared their scary stories with the class.

Everyone has planned and drafted their own scary story - Miss Wilde had to read them all whilst it was still daylight, in case she got too scared!!

Check back in soon as we will be sharing some of our stories on here. WARNING: wear a woolly jumper, as you will definitely get GOOSEBUMPS!


Ancient Egyptians

One day, we will be able to read this!

Our first topic in Year 6 is the Ancient Egyptians. So far, we have learnt about the location of Egypt in the wider world and more specifically which countries and oceans are nearby.

We also put our history knowledge to the test and created an illustrated timeline to celebrate the developments and milestones the Egyptians achieved. We were amazed that they were writing hieroglyphics in 3500BC!

As we learn about the past from objects we find, we used our inference skills to work out what some Egyptian objects were based on the materials, shape and any other clues we could see.

We looked at objects from the Ancient Egyptian era from the Birmingham Museum Archives. Do you think you know what these objects are, what they're made from and what they are for?


(Click the link below for the answers)


Our Illustrated Egyptian Timelines

Welcome back!

September 2017

Welcome back to a new year at Escrick C of E Primary School.

The Gryffindor Common Room has magically relocated to the Year 6 Reading Area and we are going to look after it for the year until it returns to Hogwarts.

We have worked on our teamwork skills, started a piece of writing and worked on our understanding of place value in maths.

There are lots of exciting things ahead and also challenges but we are all going to work towards our CORE values and achieve them together as a team.

Stay tuned for more updates from the Year 6s and their learning journey at Escrick School!


What do the Year 6s think?

Alex - It was very fun - I wonder if the whole year will be as good?

Jake - The reading area is epic!

Eleanor - It was really fun and I have enjoyed Year 6 so far!

Dylan - I have made lots of new friends. I've loved all the subjects so far.




Class newsletter Autumn 2017 - year 6

Getting stuck in to Year 6!

Getting stuck in to Year 6! 1
Getting stuck in to Year 6! 2
Getting stuck in to Year 6! 3

Curriculum Newsletter Autumn 2017 *COMING SOON*