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Oak Tree Class - Y6 2016-17 ARCHIVED


The Pirates of the Curry Bean are about to set sail....

Are you ready to travel on a new adventure?

Would you like to find a pot of gold?

All aboard, for a musical, piratical and hilarious voyage of discovery!

We made posters to summarise each scene: who is in the scene, what happens, what songs there are and what props are needed. They are in the corridor to the Year 6 classroom.


Below are the backing tracks for the songs we are learning to sing. Use your scripts/lyrics to practise singing along.


Piratical Style

Beneath the Same Starry Sky

Anchors away!

Lumbago Lullaby

Pot of Gold

After raising lots of money for the RNLI, we wrote them a letter to tell them the good news!

The best part was - they replied, AND they came to visit us!

We even got to try on some of the helmets and the waterproof suits!


Here is the letter we wrote to the RNLI:

Over the last few weeks, Year 6 at Escrick C of E School near York have been learning about coasts. We prepared a fun-filled day for children and parents in our classroom and our aim was to raise money for the RNLI.

We chose the RNLI because we are going on a residential near the coast later in July and when we learnt about what you do to help people (and animals!), we wanted to do something to help. As a class, we created games in large groups that remind us of the beach – we even had sandcastles inside! At our shops, we sold shells, loombands, postcards, pincushions and raffle tickets.

Luckily, it was a really sunny day and we were able to hold our stalls outside, along with our mermaid and pirate photo-booth. As part of a maths lesson, we worked out how much we could raise and what this might be used for – we saw that it would almost entirely pay for one of the waterproof suits for one of your lifeboat men.

We have enclosed a cheque for £216.42. We would love it if you could come and visit us so that we can tell you more about the day and also learn more about you and your work saving lives, but we understand that you are very busy.


Year 6


Salty Science and Magical Muggles...

On Monday 26th June, all of Year 6 had a SCIENCE DAY! Half of the class ventured out to Queen Margaret's for a magical day of Harry Potter themed science, and the other half took part in a day of salty situations and scientific enquiry!


Year 6 have put together these INTERACTIVE powerpoint presentations, that we call



They allow you to explore different topics at your own pace.

Computing tip:

You can explore each of the links from the homepage of the slideshow, just click 'view slideshow' to begin exploring. It works just like a website with hyperlinks between pages, and the option to return to the homepage each time. Just look for words highlighted in blue or any buttons on the page you are viewing.


We hope you enjoy them and learn something scientific too!

Coastal Day Highlights Movie

Still image for this video

We have raised


For the RNLI lifeboats

Thank you to everybody who came and supported us.

Take a look at our gallery of photos below and read about the amazing day at the beach in Year 6!



Year 6 at the Beach!


Year 6 and Miss Wilde

Escrick C of E Primary School, York

Thursday 25th May 2017

This morning, the Year 6 classroom was transformed into a beach! Sandcastles, shells, bunting, candyfloss and more!

The Year 6 children have spent days (and time at home too!) preparing for our open morning and worked hard to research, make and set up an entertaining morning for everyone.

There were a range of stalls and activities including a penny falls game, a coin throw target game, a treasure chest, a guess the amount of coppers game, a photobooth, a desert island maths eyes table, make a flag art stall, an RNLI personality quiz, write a message in a bottle and information about the RNLI and the coast.

Our shops were very popular too: the decorate your own picture frame kits with seashells sold out within 30 minutes. We also sold hundreds of bags of seashells (gift wrap as an added extra), seaside loomband accessories, handpainted postcards, handsewn seashell toys and pin cushions and windmills.

Due to high demand for candyfloss, made by Hannah M and Scarlett, we decided to sell tickets to win the candyfloss. Winners were then drawn out at breaktime and lunchtime and received their prize bag of candyfloss.

The ice cream was popular too - lots of people tried our homemade ice cream (even when it melted a little!) and hundreds of people bought a recipe to try themselves at home. Science in action!

Overall, we had an amazing morning and lots of fun and smiles all round. Hopefully, as well as fun and enjoyment, you have learnt a little more about the coasts we love and the people that help to keep us safe when we're there. We will announce the total money raised when Year 6 have finished counting it!


We hope to hear from the RNLI and will share our fundraising efforts with them and hand over the cheque in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!


Many thanks for all of your support, generosity and kindness.

Miss Wilde


Can you read these cryptic messages that test your brain?

Do you know the dangers of the coast?

Year 6 do!

Year 6 have put together a series of short videos that tell you some of the dangers of the coast and how to stay safe.

First, we planned a short piece of drama that showed the dangers and what to do. Then, we used a video editing tool called 'movie maker' and added effects, captions, credits and other animations to enhance our videos. They tell a story and hopefully get across the important message of safety by the sea.


Take a look!

Cliff video.mp4

Still image for this video

The Coast comes to Year 6!

Over the next two weeks, Year 6 will be working to transform their classroom into a museum of coastal information, activities and wonders to teach people all about coasts. We will be raising money for the RNLI, a vital service to everybody that visits and works by the coast.


The RNLI life-savers volunteer - that means they don't get paid to risk their lives to save others. How incredible!



So far, we have made some plans for our activities and we have researched some of the unique coasts around the world such as The Great Barrier Reef, The Giant's Causeway and St Michael's Mount. Based on real-life RNLI heroes, we spent a philosophy session discussing the criteria needed to be a lifeboat man/woman and used this to design a personality quiz to test whether we have any budding lifeboat men/women in our community!


Here are some of our art-books (3D books full of information and artwork that represent a place or a thing) about some extraordinary coastal features. You will have to come to see them in real life to get a closer look!



At the end of our project, we will be putting together a special coastal edition of our newspaper - stay tuned for lots more 'fin'formation...




Summer Term class newsletter

UFO in Year 6

(Creative writing - extended sci-fi stories)

With flaming pancakes, Ancient Egyptians and magical islands, Year 6 thought that life couldn't possibly get any more strange; little did they know, an Unidentified Flying Object had landed in their classroom....



'When we came in the classroom, our faces were full of astonishment because there were paintbrushes everywhere, there were scissors everywhere: basically the classroom was a complete dumpsite. We all had to make our own drama in groups of 5 about this mysterious UFO landing: it was really fun! After all that fun, we had to make up our own chapter about what happened in the morning and try to discover who we could blame for the damage. Not long after lunch, we wrote a whole summary about the fun-filled morning.'

By Jake P


'When we entered the classroom, it was very strange. We tried to find evidence from around the classroom. There were a lot of clues so we needed a lot of space in our brains to take in all the information. It was a very fun day: I enjoyed it. We also used it to write a story about the object.'

By Jake F


'We walked from assembly into class, only to find everything in a mess: the window was open, the blinds were tied together and a triangular based pyramid was in the middle of the class with a pink worm in a glowing UFO. It was a very fun day!' #funday

By Luke


Here are some of the scenes from our drama based on finding the UFO. Each group chose a different setting and the characters moved around the classroom and made use of the range of entrances and exits for their performance. Some of them even used humour to good effect...


'What is it?'

'It's a pink fluffy worm!'


'Look! The dictionary is open on the page... gullible!'


'Open your mouth!'



Stay tuned for some of our sci-fi stories...


Our SPAG information wall - made by Year 6

Our SPAG information wall - made by Year 6 1

We are loving SPAG (<-- Present progressive tense!)

SPAG has been the hot topic in Year 6 at the moment. What is a possessive pronoun? How can I change this from the active voice to a passive voice? If you're wondering the answer to these questions, Year 6 have got it covered!


They are now experts in a range of topics and have designed informative and challenging posters about:

  • Relative pronouns
  • Relative clauses
  • Co-ordinating conjunctions
  • Prepositions
  • The subjunctive form
  • Semi colons
  • Possessive pronouns
  • Active and passive voice
  • Apostrophes


Each poster gives a clear definition, examples and puts your knowledge to the test with a quiz question. We hope these posters will be useful; they showcase how confident Year 6 are with using these grammatical terms and applying them to their writing.



A systematic approach to reasoning

Year 6 Maths -

A lesson in perseverance!


Recently in maths, we have focused on our systematic reasoning and how to approach a question with a seemingly infinite number of possibilities.


'...but that's impossible!' - never fear, the Year 6s are here to help!


Quite often, we found that an initial trial and error approach helped. Putting in some numbers can help to see if your answer is anywhere near what it needs to be - or help to work out numbers that are dependent on other numbers.


Our top tips for working systematically are:

  • Work in an organised way - don't just go randomly (Faith)
  • Use reasoning to explain why certain answers are impossible (Max)
  • Double check you have tried all possibilities (Francesca)
  • Check the answers you already have are definitely right (Lara and Jamie)
  • Don't give up! You need perseverance for these tasks - just keep going! (Hannah G)


Below are some links to the Nrich problems we solved and some others that you could try if you are feeling up for some reasoning! We found 'Gran, how old are you?' particularly challenging - but also fun.

Year 6 SATs parents information evening

Year 6 - Parent Information Evening (7.3.17)


Who better to explain life in Year 6 than the Year 6s themselves! They have put together some handy Powerpoint presentations that are both informative and mentally challenging. They cover a range of topics from maths methods, SPAG terminology and reading skills.


Could YOU be a Year 6 at Escrick Primary School?

Pancake day was a great success!

However, what if it hadn't gone according to plan?

Year 6 had a drama session where they became characters from a disastrous story about a pancake day disaster. The lesson began with a first hand account from the fictional head teacher of Eggscrick School, Miss Nuteller.


'Well, I was in an extremely important meeting in my office (actually, I was drinking a cup of tea) when a terrible screeching siren started going off: it was the fire alarm. I knew that it must be the Year 6s' attempt at making pancakes, which was a complete disaster last year. In a rage, I flung open my office door, only to be greeted by the fire brigade - yes, the fire brigade...'


(All events and fires are completely fictional and definitely did not happen!)

Characters ranged from firemen, office assistants, teachers, Year 6 pupils to the burnt pancake itself! We interviewed some of the characters about their experience but we were still no closer to solving the mystery of who caused the fictitious pancake fire...


The following day, we read each other's character accounts and tried to piece together the facts. We then wrote our own news reports: the results were impressive. Not only had the Year 6s kept to the formal structures and features of a news report but they had also made them funny, entertaining and surprising.


Here are a few samples of news reports - do come and see their books in class or at parents evening if you want to read more!

Pancake Day Palaver - Y6 News Reports

Pancake Day Palaver - Y6 News Reports 1
Pancake Day Palaver - Y6 News Reports 2
Pancake Day Palaver - Y6 News Reports 3

The Future of Humans...

Could technology be the answer?


Whilst Year 6 were in assembly, we were visited by a scientist from the future (no, it wasn't Alberto). They left behind a few objects that gave us some clues about where they were from and what they were studying. Our challenge was to present our view on the future of The Human Race through writing, drawing and creativity.


The Future of Humans

The Future of Humans 1
The Future of Humans 2
The Future of Humans 3
The Future of Humans 4
The Future of Humans 5
The Future of Humans 6

Year 6 hosted years 3/4 for an Evolution Production!

History Puppet Shows

History Puppet Shows 1
History Puppet Shows 2
History Puppet Shows 3

The History of The Earth!

Year 6 hosted a puppet show about the History of The Earth, starting billions of years ago before there was even oxygen on the planet.

The Year 6s worked in groups to plan, research, write and advertise their puppet shows: they were packed full of facts, numbers and humour!

The Year 3s and 4s wrote us some reviews and they thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Thanks to Mr Deakin for letting us perform for his class.


'Over 46372188 years ago!'

'Hey, that's my phone number!'


Evolution - Y6 Science

Have we always looked like this?


In Science, we have been exploring the Science surrounding Evolution, Adaptation and Inheritance and have carried out research and enquiry into these topics.


First of all, we researched a range of Evolutionary Scientists and presented our findings to the class.


(See Powerpoints)


This raised a number of questions - what is DNA and how is it inherited?

How many years has to pass before change can be classed as evolution?

What proof is there that humans evolved from apes?


In a following P4C (Philosophy 4 children) session, we had a discussion about whether humans evolved from apes or were created by God and were therefore descendants of Adam and Eve. Fundamentally, a case of evolution or creation. We wrote a discussion, presenting evidence from both sides, showing the contrasting opinions surrounding this topic.


Another topic we focused on was whether offspring always inherit characteristics from their parents and the possible role this plays in the evolution of a species. We carried out an enquiry into families at Escrick School and investigated our own questions, such as: 'Do male children always inherit their father's eye colour?'


Finally, we will consider how we think humans may continue to evolve in the future. Will technology take over? Will we be able to live for longer with the aid of Science? Watch this space for Year 6s predictions...





Numicon Algebra in Year 6

Numicon Algebra in Year 6 1 With all the Numicon
Numicon Algebra in Year 6 2 Using Numicon to find linked facts
Numicon Algebra in Year 6 3 Shadow shapes for algebra
Numicon Algebra in Year 6 4 Linear number sequences and shadow shapes
Numicon Algebra in Year 6 5 Linear number sequence - 5n + 2

Year 6 Maths with New Numicon!


In Year 6, we have been using Numicon to help us with a tricky and abstract concept known as algebra.

First, we used it to show how it could represent a missing number in an algebraic sentence:


2x + 5 = 17


We used a shadow shape to cover up the 3 (doing the inverse) so that it leaves us with


2x = 12


With the 12 we had left, we knew that we could fit 2 more xs in, but they must be the same. So we divided 12 by 2.

 x = 6


Numicon helped us to see what was happening, so that we could do it with other equations and different numbers. We have since used it to find out missing sides when we are given the area or perimeter of a rectangle and also to reason with a problem about related number facts.


Some groups used Numicon to investigate linear number sequences - they looked at what they changed by each time, and this was the multiple of 'n's needed. Then they looked at the 1st number in the sequence and whether anything had been added or subtracted to the n multiple.


E.g. the sequence 7, 12, 17... Is going up in multiples of 5, so n is x 5.



If you look at the first number in the sequence, 7, as well as a multiple of 5, a 2 has been added to it. So the formula for any number (n) in this sequence is:


5n + 2


The formula means that we could work out any number in the sequence, such as the 99th number.


5 x 99 + 2 = 497





Oak Tree Spring Newsletter

Snowy poems

Using imagery - SPAM!

In English, we have been looking at using creative imagery to bring our ideas to life through poetry. We used the acronym SPAM - which stands for:

S - similes

P - personification

A - alliteration

M - metaphors

We read poems that featured these creative and inspiring literary devices and we watched a snowy video for inspiration (unfortunately, there is no real snow yet!). We held a competition and the criteria was:


  • To include SPAM - creative and original comparisons
  • To use joined handwriting
  • To have no more than 5 spelling mistakes


All the entries were FANTASTIC and some were very moving. A few of the poems were so unique and original that I had to double check on Google that they weren't actually written by Shakespeare! In the end, the overall winner of the competition and the delicious can of SPAM, was Lucy Green with a moving poem about appreciating the beauty of nature in the snow. The 2 runners up were Hannah Morgan and Max Tonkins.


If you would like to read our poems, come and take a look at them in our corridor in our Winter Wonderland! (Just follow the fairy lights!).


Miss Wilde

Exploring (unusual) Materials!


In Science, we have been putting our knowledge of materials to the test by exploring some pretty unusual objects. As you saw in last week's celebration assembly, the mystery household object we looked at was... A NAPPY! A clean one, of course.


It was mind-blowing how much science had gone into the materials inside it - all to keep both the baby (and the parents) happy! We found waterproof material, stretchy materials, sticky Velcro materials, absorbent materials, soft materials, odour-absorbing materials and some unusual crystals inside.



It turns out, these crystals are sodium polyacrylate; this is also known as fake snow! It is super absorbent and made us wonder...We asked a range of questions that we are hoping to find out over the next few weeks. Stay tuned for our findings in Edition 3 of our newspaper.




Welcome back to...

the second half term of Year 6!


Last half term will be hard to beat, but with Bonfire night and Christmas on the horizon I'm sure there will be lots of excitement to come!


Our new Geography Focus topic is 'What is so special about the USA?' which is very high on the political agenda at the moment. (I won't be asking children to stay up late to watch the election, don't worry).


Lots of our work this half term will be cross curricular so I am looking forward to lots of American writing and scientific maths and much more...

Reading circles

  • Book detectives – Monday (Miss Wilde)

  • Victory Squad - Monday (Mrs Cawthray)

  • Eat sleep read repeat – Wednesday (Miss Wilde)

  • The book believers – Wednesday (Mrs Cawthray)

  • Fantastic four – Thursday (Miss Wilde)

Our new topic letter is attached below:



Year 6 had an AMAZING Egyptian Day!

(Scroll down for a photo slideshow!)



Here's what they thought...

#mummified #Egyptian #inthenameofRA

Miss Wilde - All the costumes were fantastic! The best part for me was how confident all the children were and that they fully got into character. At one point I actually forgot I was in Escrick, not Egypt! I was very proud of Year 6 and think they made a fantastic team. #proud #mummyjokesgalore #bestdressedclass #lovingegyptianlife #CAMEL!


Lucy B – I had an extra brilliant day. My favourite part was the parade around the school. #awesome

Alberto – I really enjoyed the drama and the camel part. I really loved everything! #Egyptianday

Lucy G – I really enjoyed the Egyptian Day because it was so fun to do. Drama, quiz, dance and pictures. A lot of effort was put in today to make it as amazing as it was. #funkyEgyptians

Jake P – I enjoyed the quiz and I enjoyed everything we did today. It was so FUN! #cleopatra

William - I liked dressing Jake in toilet paper to make him look like a mummy. #dressedintoiletpaper

Beâ – My favourite part was the photos because I loved doing silly poses.

Jamie – My favourite thing today was doing the Egyptian drama. #Egyptianday

Joe – My favourite bit was when I got carried by everyone.

Lara – I enjoyed taking the photos and seeing all of our reactions to the videos and pictures. #LOL

Olivia M – All of it was my favourite. “CAMEL!” #EgyptianMania

Henry – My favourite was when I was mummified. #Yeah

Jake F – Drama was super fun today and I enjoyed Egyptian dress up. #Egypt

Finlay – My favourite part was the quiz. #Egyptianday

Thoams - My favourite part was EVERYTHING! #inthenameofRa

Francesca – I really enjoyed the quiz, especially wrapping our ‘mummy’!

Scarlett – I loved everything today, but most of all the drama and photos to make memories.

Hannah M –I enjoyed everything and doing photos at the end of the day. It’s a day to remember. #weareEgyptians

Faith – I enjoyed taking the photos and doing funny and nice poses. I also enjoyed doing the Egyptian dance and dressing up in the morning.

Luke – my favourite part was getting wrapped up in toilet roll like a mummy.

Hannah G – My favourite part of our Egyptian day was the quiz #G #mummys

Ethan – My favourite bit of the day was the photos when Luke fell off Alberto and Jamie's pyramid, and the drama.

??? Today I enjoyed the drama and the quiz and taking the photos #Egyptianday

Max - I loved seeing everybody dressed up and marching around school.

???  Today I enjoyed all of it, but most of all the drama and the quiz.

Egyptian costume ideas

Time Travel Part 2

The Ancient Egyptians


Last week, the Time Traveller left us a gift of REAL Egyptian papyrus paper from Ancient Egypt! We thought we could use this to paint a portrait featuring an Ancient Egyptian headdress. So we researched headdresses in the Egyptian equivalent of the Argos catalogue and used these in our portrait designs.


Before we drew onto the papyrus, we sketched and practised, then we traced our design onto the parchment with pencil. We then very carefully painted them in bold Egyptian colours, including gold, and then went round the outlines in a black ink pen once it had dried.


We were really impressed with the finished results - you'll have to use the hieroglyphic alphabet to work out which one is which!

Time Machine comes to Year 6!

Time Machine comes to Year 6! 1 Sammy was accidentally mummified!
Time Machine comes to Year 6! 2 The time machine burst into life!
Time Machine comes to Year 6! 3 The flux capacitor was fired up and ready to go!
Time Machine comes to Year 6! 4 Some of the Time Traveller's possessions...



On Monday, 3rd October, Oak Tree Class had a mysterious silver time machine at the back of the classroom. It appeared as though a mystery time traveller was stuck in time and space and had written a message to ask for our help. Unfortunately, through the dimensions of time and space, all grammar, spellings and punctuation had been muddled and the Year 6s had to put it right.


During the week, Sammy the Sloth accidentally time travelled back to Egyptian times. As he is such a sleepy creature, the Egyptian servants thought he needed mummifying! Luckily, we managed to take the bandages off and he was fine.


Year 6 have been inspired by the time traveller's adventures and have started a 2 chapter story about time travel this week. Hopefully, their grammar and punctuation won't get muddled along the way....

Our Ancient Egyptian Board Games

Year Six - A Fantastic Start to the Year!

Year Six - A Fantastic Start to the Year! 1
Year Six - A Fantastic Start to the Year! 2
Year Six - A Fantastic Start to the Year! 3