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A welcome message written by some of our children

Comments by some of our Year 6 children

Welcome to our school! At Escrick all the staff and the children are very kind and helpful. The Head teacher, Miss Miller, is the greatest and all the pupils look up to her. Our teachers are fantastic and expect us to do our best in all our lessons, which include: ICT, Maths, English, Art, PE, DT and much, much more. After school clubs are awesome too! They include: football, tri-golf, skiing, rugby, chess, netball and dance.

Outside lessons there are many things to do, like playing on the mini adventure area, the large fields or playgrounds with our fantastic 'huff and puff' playtime equipment. During these times we have something called 'Play Buddies' and Bench Buddies'. These pupils from Year 5/6 help children who are feeling upset and lonely.

Thank you for reading all about us and we hope you like Escrick as much as we do!