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Hello! We miss you!

Hello! We miss you!  1
Hello! We miss you!  2
Hello! We miss you!  3
Hello! We miss you!  4
Hello! We miss you!  5
Hello! We miss you!  6
Hello! We miss you!  7
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Hello! We miss you!  9
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RE team challenge day December 2019

Mad Science Assembly 25.3.19

The new courage CD has landed

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Our Christmas Tree 2018

Our Christmas Tree 2018 1
Our Christmas Tree 2018 2

Maths Activity Morning with Parents 28.11.18

Children leading Collective Worship - 8.10.18 - Caring for our World

Y1 and Y2 Gardening Project

Some pictures and videos from our musical ensemble (Sorry the ipad didn't catch it all)


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Our Core Values

Our Core Values 1

Young Voices 2018 - Year 5

Carols at Abbey Lea

Carols at Abbey Lea 1
Carols at Abbey Lea 2
Carols at Abbey Lea 3
Carols at Abbey Lea 4
Carols at Abbey Lea 5
Carols at Abbey Lea 6
Carols at Abbey Lea 7

Autumn Displays in School

Year 6 leavers lunch

Leaver's song

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Year 6 leavers service

A Day in Our School - 27.6.17

Farewell Mrs Brooks

Farewell Mrs Brooks 1 Ten whole years in life you've given to this school, Children at the centre of all, is your over-riding rule, You've given your all through the memories of time, You deserve so much more than my level 4 rhyme. The impact you've had has given so many the best start, To be the best that they can be, before they then depart, These lives you've made a difference to, fills us with pride, A team so strong, our Escrick family, with confidence we strive, The hours you've given are second to none, Work ethic, the love of the school, commitment, passion, professionalism, dedication...I can go on and on, It has been unbelievable to work with you and stand by your side, To learn from the best, an outstanding role model, and spirited mind. Mrs Brooks, we can't thank you enough, and wish you all the very best, To a future of gardening, seeing your family and eternal happiness!