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Jigsaw and PSHE

Jigsaw PSHE Whole School Display Autumn 2021 - Being Me in my World.


At Escrick, there is a strong emphasis on building resilience, empowering children and nurturing mental and physical health. We provide a PSHE curriculum that enables pupils to embrace their own values alongside those of others, and in doing so flourish in their wider community.

From exposure to a range of global issues, children can develop knowledge and appreciation of being respectful global citizens.



PSHE lessons take place weekly in all classes and are delivered through Jigsaw. Mindfulness is at the heart of Jigsaw as we believe if a child can be aware of their thoughts and feelings as they arise, they can choose to regulate/ manage their thoughts and feelings.


The Six Puzzles: There are six Puzzles (topics) in Jigsaw that are designed to progress in sequence from the start of each academic year:

Term 1: Being Me in My World

Term 2: Celebrating Difference (including anti-bullying)

Term 3: Dreams and Goals

Term 4: Healthy Me

Term 5: Relationships

Term 6: Changing Me (including Sex Education)


The puzzles are introduced through a whole school (or Key Stage) assembly. All classes work on the same topics at their own level, sometimes there is a whole school outcome for the puzzle and other times it is specific to the class. Jigsaw lessons all follow the same structure. The structure takes account of the learning process:


– Connect us (an inclusive whole-class game building social skills)

– Calm me (mindfulness practice using the Jigsaw chime and breathing techniques)

– Open my mind (to the essence of the learning about to happen)

– Tell me/show me (introduction to new information or skill)

– Let me learn (learning activities to make the learning my own)

– Help me reflect (on my learning progress and my emotional learning this lesson) and record this in my Jigsaw journal.


Jigsaw lessons also enable self-regulation and pupil voice, asking for help and knowing how to express emotions are givens throughout Jigsaw. 



Children will develop more resilience and emotional awareness that will help them in all aspects of their learning. The impact of our PSHE curriculum can be measured and monitored in a variety of different ways including; learning walks, PSHE Journals, data analysis and tracking and pupil interviews.


Teachers carry out summative assessments at the end of each unit and provide a ‘best fit’ approach as to whether children have achieved the ‘expected’ standard. Throughout all PSHE lessons teachers assess formatively through observations, discussions and questions, this supports them with the planning and pitching of subsequent lessons.


It is our aim that our children leave Escrick Primary School with a confident image of themselves as valued people, who are better equipped to manage situations that arise in their lives both socially and personally.


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