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Year 3 have been using Scratch to begin coding and sequencing sounds. We have learnt lots of new vocabulary and can now control three different sprites using event control blocks. Take a look at some photos of our stages below!

Year 6 - Computer Aided Design - Year 6 have been using 'Tinkercad' to learn about how we can design 3D shapes and objects digitally. Here are some of our Tinkercad masterpieces!

Year 3 have made their final branching databases using iPads and the J2E data program. These are images of some of the final databases - the actual database can be played and tested once complete.

Year 3 have been learning about branching databases. We sorted a set of objects into two groups using yes or no questions based on their attributes.

Year 3 made stop frame animations in the woodlands to bring leaves and sticks to life!

Year 3 Stop Frame animations

Still image for this video

Year 3 have been using desktop publishing software. We produced magazine articles about Chinese New Year on Google Drawings - take a look!

Year 4 exploring how to write codes and commands to create repeating shapes and patterns...

Year 4 completed their computing unit on podcasts by planning and recording their own podcast episodes, all about kindness. We listened to different examples of real podcasts and identified the key features (a catchy jingle, guest speakers and interesting facts) before creating our own. We're really proud of the final recordings... have a listen below!

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Group 4

Group 5

Group 6