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On this page, you will find a range of resources to help your child with reading and writing at Key Stage 2.



In Year 3 and 4, children take part in reading VIPERS discussion sessions. VIPERS is an acronym for some of the core skills involved in reading comprehension - Vocabulary, inference, prediction, explanation, recall of facts and summarising. A VIPERS question prompt is available below if you wish to practise these types of questions when reading with your child.

In Year 5 and 6, children take part in a pupil led discussion group called Reading Circles. Each child reads the designated chapters and takes on one of the reading roles to prepare their homework. For example, one child will act as the discussion director and prepares questions about the chapters for the group to discuss. A different child may focus on the new vocabulary presented in those chapters. This in depth approach allows each child time to explore different aspects of the text and contribute to the group in creative ways. Below is an outline of the Reading Circles roles and the types of activities this may involve.

Reading VIPERS and Reading Circles information