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7.4.22 Investigating simple machines - gears, pulleys, and levers and linkages

31.3.22 Year 5 investigated friction by testing how far a toy car would travel on different surfaces.

Year 6 have been exploring what materials are soluble and insoluble!

22.3.22 - Introducing our Water Cycle experts! .... Year 4 have worked really hard in Science this week to learn all about the Water Cycle. We drew scientific diagrams to show our knowledge of the 4 processes, then we made our own models to see evaporation, condensation, precipitation and collection in action! 💧 🌎 ❄️ 🌨

24.3.22 Year 5 investigated air resistance by making parachutes with different size/ shape/ material canopies and comparing the speed at which they dropped.

22.3.22 - Year 4 investigating how different types of chocolate melt at different rates. We carefully timed how long it took for the chocolate to change states from a solid to a liquid, just like the river in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! 🍫

16.3.22 - As part of British Science Week, Year 4 learned about where in the world different foods are grown and produced. We recorded the food miles of different burger ingredients in a table and carefully drew bar graphs to make comparisons. Did you know, foods like avocados are grown in Mexico and have to travel over 8000km to get to our plates?!

17.3.22 - As part of science week, Year 6 learnt that the oldest vertebrate in the world is the Greenland Shark. Scientists can tell how old they are by the length of their bodies. We measured each other's height and compared it to our age in months. Then, we created line graphs and pie charts to display and analyse the data!

14.3.22 - The Science Gadget Shop is open for business!

9.3.22 - Year 6 have been organising a 'Science Gadget Shop' that they will run to celebrate British Science Week (11th - 18th March)

2.3.22 - Year 6 created their own investigation to find out what 'Yeast food' produces the most fermentation!

8.3.22 - Year 4 have been using their scientific observation skills to explain our ‘dancing raisin’ investigation! We successfully identified the solid, liquid and gas and we had a fantastic discussion afterwards with lots of questions about different states of matter.

1.3.22 - Year 4 getting stuck into their new Science topic ‘Changing States’ by acting as particles of solids, liquids and gases on the playground ❄️ 💧 💨

17.2.22 - Year 6 had a visit from Forestry England to explain their unique project about introducing beavers to the river Derwent, this will help defend against flooding and increase the diversity of species in the river! We saw some amazing footage from their camera traps!

Forest School - Year 6 Children are planning to build a pond in our forest area! This will increase the diversity of living things in our local habitat!

10.2.22 Year 5 Have been learning about the orbit of the Moon around Earth and about the Moon’s phases. Some of us made models to show the relationship between the Sun, Earth and the Moon.

11.2.22 - Science - Year 6 explored microbes with UV gel! In groups, children created their own investigations to compare how clean their hands were! Microbes are everywhere!

8.2.22 - Year 4 have been considering the question ‘How does a change in the environment affect the things that live there?’. Using our knowledge of our school woodland area, we have discussed how potential changes to the environment could affect the animals and their habitats. Take a look at the drawings of our ideas below...

2.2.22 - Year 6 - We explored the PH scale and then measured the PH of the soil in different locations across our school grounds. Then, we made quadrants in the forest school that will be used for long term observation of the land. Finally, we cleaned up the grounds and turned the soil over so that we can add some new plants!

1.2.22 - Year 4 exploring our woodland environment to find and identify different minibeasts and living things. We have learned how to use pooters to safely collect (and release!) creatures so we can study and classify them in their natural habitat.

26.1.22 - Year 6 investigated how yeast reacts with other substances. We setup an investigation with three different bottles, each with a balloon attached. The bottle containing Yeast, warm water and sugar inflated the balloon the most! This is because yeast is a living organism and eats sugar, this releases carbon dioxide and starts the process of fermentation!

20.1.22 Year 5 have been looking at how the planets move in relation to the Sun. We went outside to help us imagine how far each of the planets are. We measured out distances 100 billion times smaller than reality. Neptune, the furthest planet, was surprisingly far away!

25.11.21 - Year 6 used a simple series circuit to make a steady hand game!

23.11.21 - Year 4 creating their own toggle and press switches to add to their simple circuits 💡

15.11.21 - Year 6 have been investigating what affects the brightness of a bulb!

Year 3 12th Nov Investigating forces - air resistance parachutes

9.11.21 - Year 4 identifying components of circuits and problem-solving to create simple circuits 💡🔌🔋

2.11.21 - Year 4 categorising mains and battery-powered appliances.

22.10.21 Year 5 Reversible and irreversible changes. We made casein plastic by mixing vinegar and milk, and we produced carbon dioxide to inflate a balloon when we mixed bicarbonate of soda and vinegar. Both are useful irreversible changes!

Year 6 - Shadow Puppets- We have been learning about why shadows have the same shape as the objects that cast them

15.10.21 Year 5 using different processes to separate mixtures of materials - sieving, filtration, evaporation and magnetic attraction.

12.10.21 - Year 4 exploring how effective different materials are at absorbing sound. We made ear defenders in groups and tested them outside. Our results showed that bubble wrap was the most effective! We then wrote up our scientific investigation with the help of Reggie the Referee, to make sure that our tests were fair.

28.9.21 - Year 4 investigating how sound changes over distance and exploring how sound travels differently through solids and gases.

21.9.21 - Year 4 making pan pipes using straws of different lengths to explore how we can change the pitch of sounds.

14.9.21 - Year 4 investigating how sound travels through the air as vibrations, by banging drums and observing how the rice moved.

8.10.21 Year 5 dissolving part 2: planning and carrying out own investigations around factors which might change the speed at which a material dissolves in water

22.9.21 Year 5 investigating which electrical conductors make a bulb light up the brightest

17.9.21 Year 5 investigating which material makes the best thermal insulator

8.10.21 - Year 3 exploring reflecting in the dark using marbles and play doh to make cat’s eyes.

30.9.21 Year 3 Exploring reflections using mirrors and mirror illusions.

WC 27.9.21 - Investigating Refraction and making coins disappear.

September 21 - Making Periscopes. Year 6 have been making periscopes, this was challenging and fun. We tested out our periscopes and discussed how they work to learn about how light reflects!

September 21 - Scienceround! In Year 6, we have been creating our own Science new shows to explain how light travels!