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15.10.21 Year 5 using different processes to separate mixtures of materials - sieving, filtration, evaporation and magnetic attraction.

12.10.21 - Year 4 exploring how effective different materials are at absorbing sound. We made ear defenders in groups and tested them outside. Our results showed that bubble wrap was the most effective! We then wrote up our scientific investigation with the help of Reggie the Referee, to make sure that our tests were fair.

28.9.21 - Year 4 investigating how sound changes over distance and exploring how sound travels differently through solids and gases.

21.9.21 - Year 4 making pan pipes using straws of different lengths to explore how we can change the pitch of sounds.

14.9.21 - Year 4 investigating how sound travels through the air as vibrations, by banging drums and observing how the rice moved.

8.10.21 Year 5 dissolving part 2: planning and carrying out own investigations around factors which might change the speed at which a material dissolves in water

22.9.21 Year 5 investigating which electrical conductors make a bulb light up the brightest

17.9.21 Year 5 investigating which material makes the best thermal insulator

8.10.21 - Year 3 exploring reflecting in the dark using marbles and play doh to make cat’s eyes.

30.9.21 Year 3 Exploring reflections using mirrors and mirror illusions.

WC 27.9.21 - Investigating Refraction and making coins disappear.

September 21 - Making Periscopes. Year 6 have been making periscopes, this was challenging and fun. We tested out our periscopes and discussed how they work to learn about how light reflects!

September 21 - Scienceround! In Year 6, we have been creating our own Science new shows to explain how light travels!