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Handy resources!


In the classroom, we often have blank resources to use for our extra activities. These extra blocks of 15-20 minutes are great for practising key skills and getting more fluent with our learning.


Maths - blank squared paper. This is for you to use for maths activities or could be used for wordsearch/maze creations! We use 1cm squares but I have also added 1.5cm if this helps.


Design your own board game - often at the end of a topic, we make a board game to test our skills in a fun way. You can write questions on the blank track and if you land on a question, you have to answer it. You can make up your own rules. Also you can write longer questions on question cards/pieces of paper and make chance/star cards on the boardgame track - if you land on a star, you have to answer a question card to get some points.


Blank wordsearch - this is a super way of practising spellings or phonics words in a fun way. Writing the word twice (once at the bottom and once in the grid) and then searching for the word, letter by letter, helps us learn spelling patterns.


Storyboards. These are a great way of planning and writing stories - it could even be used as a weekly diary to show what you did or enjoyed each day with a small picture. We use them in all different subjects when we are writing events in order.


Handwriting. I have included some joined handwriting cards - you could copy these or print them to complete on the sheet.


Common Exception Words - these are words that are tricky to read/spell that Year 1/2 children need to learn off by heart. They are useful for word searches or spelling games or to help when they are writing.