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Miss Wilde - Year 2 - 2020/2021

Year 2 Newsletter Spring 2021

Extra activities - links and ideas!

Here are the daily extra activities you could do to help contribute towards the 3.5 hours of remote learning. These activities include exercise, mindfulness and yoga, spelling activities, handwriting and maths games. 

(This is a preview of the PDF below)

The PDF below has links to the videos and websites that you need. These are intended to supplement the weekly grids, should you find you have spare time during the day. Many of these do not need much adult supervision so they should be good for when you are busy with your own work and responsibilities. We would like to acknowledge what an incredible job you are doing to manage all these different demands and thank you for your continued support. Together, we can ensure children still feel connected and engaged with our class community and hopefully it will bring some positivity and motivation during this difficult time. 


Thank you, Miss Wilde

Extra Activities, Daily exercise and Games


Thank you for all your support this half term. The children have loved being back in school and we feel so lucky that we have been able to keep our bubble (bauble!) open and keep learning together. In the run up to Christmas, we have still managed to have lots of fun. We saw the lighting of the tree, we learnt jingle bells in sign language to perform, had Christmas jumper day, made snow globes, dressed up for our mini nativity card, wrote the Christmas story from the perspective of the sheep, had a visit from Santa, watched a personalised pantomime, wrote a 12 days of Christmas fitness challenge, ate Christmas dinner and tomorrow - we have our Christmas party! 


Stay cosy, relax and enjoy this Christmas - there is still magic to be found in the little moments. 

See you in 2021!

Miss Wilde


Year 2 Christmas!

Jingle Bells, but not as you know it!


In preparation for our lighting of the tree outdoor celebrations, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 learnt how to sing Jingle Bells - without actually singing! We learnt the actions so we could join along with the song together outside and perform it for the whole school.

Some groups volunteered to perform our own version by our class Christmas tree for you to enjoy.

Jingle bells BSL

Still image for this video

Jingle Bells BSL

Still image for this video

The Christmas Countdown is ON In Year 2!

The classroom looks very twinkly and festive and already a few Christmas challenges and words have crept in to our classroom. We had a first day of advent maths treasure hunt on Tuesday in our classroom - each answer was on a mini advent door with a hidden letter beneath... the secret word turned out to be 'Christmas Wreath!' Well done to everyone who managed to crack the code!


God’s eye tapestries - weaving and tying knots at forest school

Science - testing ramp materials for toy cars

Homework Grid - Autumn 2

Autumn leaf art - inspired by Andy Goldsworthy and James Brunt

Traction Man says ‘Farewell for now folks!’


As we come to the end of a busy half term, we reflect on how much we have learnt and how well we have done. Year 2 have settled so well into our new school routine - the highlight of our day is story time. Year 2 have loved reading about Traction Man and this week wrote the next chapter of the story - Dr Scissors is up to no good! 

To celebrate our last day, we made a Traction Man themed board game in teams. The teamwork, sharing and co-operation in the teams was excellent. See some photos of our colourful board games below - they involved reading, writing and phonics and some bonus maths skills. 

Whatever you’re up to this half term, whether it’s staying in, getting some fresh air or getting creative - have a good break. All the Year 2s should be very proud of how well they have adjusted to the new rules and settled back into everyday life in school.


Thank you for your support, 

Miss Wilde

Number bonds and preparing for adding and subtracting



Hit the Button - quick recall game


It is important that children can quickly recall their number bonds to 10 and add two single numbers together quickly, in their head. This fluency comes through regular practise and becoming familiar with adding and subtracting numbers. 


This week we played a great game for this quick recall of facts, called Hit the Button. We went on the number bonds section. You could try bonds to 10, addition within 10, bonds to 20, and bonds to 100 multiples of 10. Feel free to write the score for the 1 minute challenge in the reading record. 


Scrubbing Brush Pets! 

This week we had 7 special visitors in the Year 2 classroom: some super cute scrubbing brush pets just like the one in our story! On the first day they arrived, we took them to the woodland and started training them to swim, to fetch and to climb. 


We we used the story (and our imagination!) to work out his likes and dislikes. Then we used this to write a booklet of instructions for how to look after a pet scrubbing brush. They really do make very good pets...


Knowledge Organiser - Place Value

Following our first few weeks on place value in maths, I have uploaded a place value knowledge organiser. This shows all the ways we looked at numbers, represented them and some of the important vocabulary that we need to know. You may find it useful to talk it through with your child or just for reference if they need support with reading or writing numbers to 100. 

(The full document is uploaded as a PDF below - 2 pages)


Maths games and fluency

This week we have been exploring counting in 2s, 5s and 10s.

I have shared a link below to a game called 'Whack a Mole!' to practise step counting. Change the slider at the left hand side to the steps (2s, 5s, or 10s, or 3s for a challenge!) and hit the number that comes next in the sequence. You can also flip the switch to go forwards or backwards!

You can practise counting in 2s, 5s and 10s forwards and backwards out loud. This is a really useful skill for counting objects and developing early skills for multiplication and division.

Miss Wilde


Place Value Knowledge Organiser

Forest School Vehicle Building!

Before our Science session this week, we got creative designing and making vehicles to help Traction Man on his adventures. We thought about the materials we would need to use and explaining why we chose them.


Our designs showed how much we have learnt about different materials and their advantages and disadvantages - Ruby's design had a metal cylinder near the rocket booster because she knows that metal can stand high heat without melting.


Take a look at the photos of our vehicles in the woodland!

Making vehicles for Traction Man in Forest School

Parent welcome meeting

Thank you to all those that attended the parent welcome meeting via Zoom. It was great to see you all and hopefully I was able to explain things in a little more detail. 


Questions raised: Will children use Google Classroom for work other than just in the event of lockdown/isolation? 

Yes - some year groups use it in lessons and it may be used to set homework later in the year. 


Will there be be a parents evening?

We do not know how this will work yet. More details will follow. 


If if you have any other questions in the meantime, please do pop a note in the reading record and I can check and respond to these on Mondays. 


Thank you for your continued support. 

Miss Wilde

Reading question ideas for with home readers - VIPERS

Welcome back!

It’s great to see the children enjoying being back at school and the classroom is full of bright colours, life and learning! We are so excited to start our new book - Traction Man! He has already been on one adventure to the Planet Duvet and we know he will go on many more over the next few weeks...



On Tuesday, we went down to the woodlands for the first time and explored all the activities and exciting things that are down there. We will hopefully be going to the woodlands once a week in one of our PE slots so that we get to take part in some forest school activities.



We have decided not to send homework out for the first half term. Instead, I will be sharing online games or activity ideas on this webpage that you could do at home to supplement their learning in class. This is of course in addition to reading their home reader.


Home reading books

To avoid lots of books and reading records coming to and from school, we are only sending one book out each week and collecting/changing the books each MONDAY. I would recommend reading the book once, then reading it again a day or two later with better fluency. You could read the book a final time and discuss the characters, the story, why things happened, if it reminds you of other stories etc. You are of course, welcome to read other books from home or online. 


Stay tuned for more games, photos and updates!


Miss Wilde 




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