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Miss Wilde 👩🏼 Year 3

The Queen's Jubilee Portraits by Year 3

The Viking Artefacts

Viking archaeologists! This afternoon we explored some archaeological dig sites on our tables which contained Viking artefacts and used our historic enquiry skills to learn more about a famous Viking.

Summer term is here - and what a term it is going to be! Take a look at the news and updates here.

We hopped for St Leonard’s Hospice today to raise money for their charity. It even stopped snowing just in time!

Geography - Europe. In our final lesson on our Geography topic we designed a European board game. We wrote challenge questions to put our knowledge to the test.

Jigsaw - PSHE



Today we talked about keeping safe and what to do in an emergency. We talked about how every family will have a plan for in case their is a fire. It might be a good idea to talk about what to do and where to go if you hear the smoke alarm or notice smoke/or a fire. 


We also practised how to ring 999 and which emergency services to ask for. It might also be worth looking together at how to call 999 from a mobile phone, using the emergency services button on the iPhone. 




Our island adventure!

Homework 23rd March

This week, there is an online option for the tasks this week. I have set an English/geography task on Google Classroom. I have also set a real life fractions homework for maths on Google Classroom. These can both be done on paper if you wish!

Deadline is Monday 28th March 

Final submission for online tasks is Wednesday 30th March


The Land of Neverbelieve 

by Norman Messenger



We are continuing to learn about plants and living things in Science this half term and in English we have started reading this incredible book. It is a fiction book but it has been written and illustrated like a non-fiction record of a scientist’s discoveries. 

Today, we researched some of the curious and extraordinary trees on the island. We noted down some of the incredible facts and impressive vocabulary. 

The chocolate tree was our favourite - it has a peppermint fondant centre. 


Investigating curious trees…

Reading VIPERS Example Questions - help with homework and reading skills

Spelling strategies

To help with learning spellings, here are a few strategies you can use to practise them.


Pyramid spellings

Write the word in a pyramid shape, one letter at a time.











Choose a word and write the missing letters from that word. Ask someone in your family to guess the letters from that word. Swap over and let them write the missing letters for you.


__ c c  __ __ __ __ __    



Choose a word. Scramble the letters. See if somebody can guess the word you scrambled.


y   e   n    c     r   u   t


= century

Internet Safety VIPERS Qs Electronic copy

Hobbit Houses - Planning our secret woodland project...

Conjunctions homework 26.1.22 Due 31.1.22

Fairy fences and UK snowdrop clusters!

Inspired by the Night Gardener, we have built fairy fences to protect the snowdrops in the forest. We worked as a team to build them and we even spotted a baby snail and a friendly robin coming to admire our work!


Some groups even named their snowdrop patches after the UK, locating York, London and Ireland on their snowdrop clusters. Another group built a motte and bailey Norman castle to protect theirs. Fantastic creativity and team work!


Fairy fences to protect the snowdrops in Forest School

Our 3D flowers and their functions - Science

Welcome back! 2022

A new year and a new blank page. We are enjoying our new story notebooks in our new creative writing area, thanks to the PTA. Last week, a mysterious blue egg appeared and this week there is a strange set of ancient keys... what could it mean?

Today we looked at our new book, The Night Gardener. We can't to find out what happens and see more of these magical and unusual trees.



Spring term class newsletter

RE - What do Christingles represent?

Christmas crafts - forest school stars and night sky paintings 🌟

Year 3 Christmas Concert - Jinglebells!

Experimenting with magnets in Science

Creating our own Domesday book in History

Homework - Christmas Ready Prepositions task (1st Dec 2021)

Colour thesaurus - this might be helpful when writing about your Christmas scene.

Our Remembrance Day art and a poem from Nathan

Still image for this video

Suffix Homework!

Spellings/phonics -

10.11.21 due Monday 15.11.21


Please complete this week's suffix homework in your homework book. I have attached the suffix sheet electronically to reduce the amount of paper this week.


I have sent home a Phase 3 and Phase 5 spelling list - this is to support children with applying their phonics when they spell words. There are some suggested activities at the bottom of the phase 5 list. We do not test spellings but we do encourage children to check their own spellings or correct them if highlighted by a teacher.


This is a snippet of the activity sheet - please complete the spellings in your homework book. You do NOT need to print the table, it is provided as an example.


Thanks and happy spelling! <----- ing!!

Miss Wilde

10th Nov - Spelling Homework - suffixes!


Investigating forces!


 In science this week we explored the forces friction, gravity and air resistance.  We use our knowledge of materials from year 2 to explain how friction is caused.  Using two story books we created a friction magic trick which left the two books stuck together – even Mr Broxup couldn’t pull them apart. 


Then we learnt about air resistance – when gravity pulls an object to the ground, air resistance pushes against that object.  We decided to test three different sized parachutes to see how this would affect the air resistance. 


 To make the parachutes, we had to read and follow a set of instructions and work together as a team to help make three different sizes. We also used our knot tying skills from forest schools.  There was so much great teamwork in our lesson and our results showed that the larger the parachute the more air resistance so the slower it falls. 


First week back

This week we have started our new topics in Science and Computing. We are learning about Forces in Science and can’t wait to get stuck into our new experiments and investigations. In computing, we are starting a topic on using stop frame animation.


We also looked at M C Escher in art and did our own sketches from some of his famous drawings.




Forest School Frames 5th November 2021

Art - M C Escher Still Life Sketches 4th Nov 2021

Computing - Making flick books ready for stop frame animation 3rd Nov 2021

Parents Eve - Maths support booklet

Year 3 English Homework


Your maths homework should be in your homework book.

Your English homework is to keep a half term diary (This can be your homework book or in a little notebook/homemade notebook stapled together).

Try to use adverbials in your diary e.g. On Tuesday, After dinner, Before we went to the cinema,


Bring these on the Monday after half term and we will spend some time sharing them together.


Miss Wilde

Science 15.10.21 Shadow experiments and shadow puppets in forest school

Wed 13th October 2021

DUE in Monday 18th October 2021

Digital Homework 


Due to the photocopier being out of order, homework this week is posted below. It is to be completed in your Homework books as normal. Please put the title: Digital Homework and the date completed.

Thank you! Miss Wilde



NOTE: After half term, we will be changing/checking reading records a different way. Children will bring their reading record and book (Even if it does not need changing yet!) on the day they read with their group. This is so it can be signed and checked during morning work/the group reading session. 


Monday - Giraffes (Fantastic fox group)

Tuesday - Leopards (Hodgeheg group)

Wednesday - Zebras (Killer Cat group)

Thursday - Tigers (Owl afraid of the dark group)


Your child will know which group they are and which day they read from the list above.

Thank you!

Y3 Digital Homework 13th October

What did Year 3 experiment with using marbles and play-doh today?

The mystery is revealed below...

We made 'cat's eyes!'


In Science this week, building on our understanding of reflection from last week's lesson, we learnt how our eyes need light to shine on an object and reflect back in order to see. 

We learnt about an invention, called cat's eyes, created by Percy Shaw from Halifax in Yorkshire. The traditional cat's eyes used to work when car headlights shone into the glass beads and hit the coloured case at the back, they would reflect and shine back at the driver. 


We made our own using play-doh and two marbles - we were amazed when they shone so bright in the dark! They almost looked like battery lights.


We also experimented with different materials and colours to see how reflective they were in the dark. There was some great team work, resilience and science vocabulary involved. A fantastic Scientific enquiry!


Cat’s eyes reflections in science


Want to improve your fluency in maths?

The secret is to be fast with the small numbers!


Things you could do to practise:

  • Learn your number bonds to 10.
  • Roll two dice and add them together as fast as you can.
  • Roll three dice and add them together as quickly as you can.


When we start adding and subtracting with bigger numbers, it is this fluency with small numbers that really helps. If you know that 3 + 2 is 5, then 300 + 200 = 500. If you know how to add 6 and 7, then you will be able to add 13 into your column addition.


There are a few maths games linked below and on our useful resources page but you can also use dice, a pencil and paper to practise too!


Science - What do you know about reflections?

In Science this week, we explored light reflecting and took part in some mirror challenges. We travelled through a maze without looking at our feet, using a mirror to guide us. We tried to write our names backwards using the mirror. Some of us got creative and created mirror pictures that were completed when a mirror was placed in the middle. We also tried some mirror magic and made pens bend and objects disappear. 

After all the reflection fun, we had learnt so much about mirrors and reflection. We also tried our best to use scientific vocabulary. 

How would you explain a mirror to somebody?

Science - exploring reflections and mirrors

Year 3 have been working hard in all their new topics. We learnt about the Motte and Bailey castles that the Normans built. Did you know that Clifford’s tower is a Norman castle? We learnt that the Motte is the hill that keeps enemies from storming the keep. The Bailey is the field at the bottom where they farm animals and keep crops. This is surrounded by a large ditch with a raised bridge to keep intruders out. 

Working as a team to solve problems, practise spellings and use hundreds numbers.

Exploring some of God’s amazing creations outside in an active learning lesson.

Timetable update!


Our PE day is Monday and we are timetabled for Forest School on Fridays for Forest School. 

It was down as Monday AND Thursday for PE but to confirm it is now JUST on Monday. 


Apologies for any confusion! We are still trying to work out the best timetables for sharing space in school and how best to organise all the other subjects into our busy weekly schedule!


Friday forest school will either be in the trees and outdoor areas at the top (old trainers needed) or full forest school, which is muddy kit. Having the full forest school kit (old trainers, warm/old clothes and a waterproof if rainy) in school is helpful so we can assess the weather and decide on where our activities can take place that day.



Welcome back to Year 3!



This week we have been getting used to our new classroom and routines, assigning new classroom monitors and starting some of our new topics.

In English, we have started our Reading VIPERS group activities and in maths we are starting to learn about numbers bigger than 100. 

In Art, we did our first still life study of some antique objects. 

In science, we thought about what we know about light and dark and asked scientific questions that we want to find out. 


Next week we will be learning about our new book, Orion and the dark and finding out who the new characters are. We will also be starting to learn Spanish, discover more about the Normans and explore features of the UK. 

First Week in Year 3

Year 3

There are some new members of the class waiting to meet you... they're very excited!


We can't wait to have you back - there are lots of exciting things planned and so many new opportunities and experiences to look forward to. Hopefully the sun will shine for our first few days.


Check back on this page to see updates on the things we get up to in our new classroom!


All will be revealed tomorrow... maybe bring some bananas for our new classmate?


Miss Wilde




Welcome back from all of us...