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Mr Broxup 👱🏼‍♂️ Year 6

Welcome to our class page! There are many useful links here for extra learning as well as updates about what we have been doing in class! 

Year 6 are happy!

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Year 6 have worked so hard all year and this week they have finished their SATS. Everybody showed such good attitudes to the week of tests and all the staff are so proud of our Year 6's!

1.4.22 - St Leonard's Hospice visited us and the children were very excited to meet Lenny!

Science - We have been testing materials to see what is soluble and insoluble!

Computing - In Spring term, Year 6 have enjoyed learning about computer aided design in computing. Here are some of our creations that we have made!

Adumu is the world famous traditional jumping dance performed by the iconic Maasai tribe of Tanzania and Kenya! Year 6 learnt about this tribal dance and then had an Adumu competition!

Dodgeball against Heworth 21.3.22

17.3.22 - STEM - As part of science week, we learnt that the oldest vertebrate in the world is the Greenland Shark. They can live more than 500 years! Scientists can tell how old they are by the length of their bodies. We measured each other's height and compared it to our age in months. Then, we created line graphs and pie charts to display and analyse the data!

16.3.22 - Performing Poetry Slam 2022! Children have spent the past week writing and rehearsing their very own poem. Today we performed and judged each other's poems! Well done to everybody for such incredible work this week!

Jenna Downing is a World Champion Inline Skater, X-Games silver medallist & 10 x British Champion. We were very lucky to have a zoom with her to be able to talk about dreams and resilience!

15.3.22 - PE - We love playing dodgeball!

14.3.22 - Science Week Assembly and Gadget Shop - Year 6 children are running a 'Gadget Shop' every morning this week to celebrate British Science Week!

2.3.22 - Science - Children finished our living things topic by creating their own question about yeast to investigate!

17.2.22 - We had a visit from Forestry England to explain their unique project about introducing beavers to the river Derwent, this will help defend against flooding and increase the diversity of species in the river! We saw some amazing footage from their camera traps!

Forest School - Children are planning to build a pond in our forest area! This will increase the diversity of living things in our local habitat!

11.2.22 - Science - We explored microbes with UV gel! In groups, children created their own investigations to compare how clean their hands were! Microbes are everywhere!

2.2.22 - Living Things and Habitats - We learned about the PH scale and then measured the PH of the soil in different locations across our school grounds. Then, we made quadrants in the forest school that will be used for long term observation of the land. Finally, we cleaned up the grounds and turned the soil over so that we can add some new plants!

2.2.22 - Church Visit - In RE we are exploring the question of: What matters more, religious art and architecture or charity? As part of this topic, we visited Escrick Church to learn about the history and recent work that has taken place. Thank you to everybody who made this trip happen, it was very interesting!

28.1.22 - Computing - We used 'Tinkercad' to explore computer aided design and make 3D models!

26.1.22 - Science - We investigated how yeast reacts with other substances. Yeast is a living organism that loves to eat sugar!!

In English, we have been reading and exploring the character of Sherlock Holmes!

RE - Sacred Place - We thought about what 'Sacred' and 'Worship' mean and then discussed places that are special to ourselves and others.

13.1.22 - Science - We had an introduction to how classification works!

12.1.22 - Maths - We have been solving very tricky work with fractions!

PSHE - Dreams and Goals - We thought about the strengths that we have and the goals we can set ourselves.

7.1.22 - The Spider and the Fly - In English, we read and analysed Mary Howitt's classic tale. Later, we performed drama of this gruesome and chilling poem!

6.1.22 - Jigsaw Assembly- We launched our new topic of 'Dreams and Goals'.

Happy New Year, 2022 is here! Our new topic is 'Amazing Africa' and we will be taking an in depth look at this incredible and diverse continent. Please take a look at our class newsletter for more information! 

Spring term class newsletter

Our new class topic is all about the Shang Dynasty and Ancient China! Check out our class newsletter for more information! 

Class newsletter - Autumn

Chinese inspired cooking! We worked in two teams to create Chinese inspired dishes and sauces, here are some pictures from the preparation!

29.11.21 - PSHE - We explored British values through an online Parliament workshop! We found out about how laws are made, how MP's are elected and the House of Commons and Lords!

25.11.21 - Science/DT -We used series circuits to create a steady hand game!

15.11.21 - Artwork - We used chalks to create a Chinese riverboat scene!

Science - We investigated what affects the brightness of a bulb, some groups investigated how batteries impact the brightness and some investigated the impact of different conductive materials.

We had an AMAZING visitor in school on Monday. Pancho is a circus entertainer from Mexico and he performed a few of his circus acts for the whole school to see!

10.11.21 - Science - We started our new topic all about Electricity. We reviewed what we had learnt previously and then made circuits!

Here are some of our finished Shang Dynasty bones! We are writing instructions in English to explain how we made them.

18.10.21 - Casting Shadows - We have been thinking about how shadows have the same shape as the objects that cast them

14.10.21 - Jigsaw PSHE - Anti Social Behavior - We role-played a meeting at a local town hall about a case of anti social behavior at a school!

13.10.21 - DT/Topic - Making Dragon Bones. We learnt about the mystery of 'Dragon Bones' and how they were used to show some of the earliest forms of writing in China!

11.10.21 - Computing - Learning about how search engines rank results and creating our own webpage!

8.10.21 - The Spectrum of Light - We used torches and glass prisms to explore what colours light is made up from!

8.10.21 - Forest School - Making Chinese Characters with woodland materials.

Science - The spectrum of light. We made colour wheels to think about the colours that light is made up from. Afterwards, we learnt about Isaac Newton and his work in 1666 using glass prisms and light!

October 21 - Jigsaw PSHE connect us activities and games!

PE - Practicing hockey skills!

5.10.21 - We are sorry not to have you all with us today in school. Here is some work to keep you going through the day! 

Addition with larger numbers - There are three levels to pick from! For an EXT try the missing number sheet!

English - Follow the link to watch the animation above. 


​This short animation is set in a post-apocalyptic landscape of derelict buildings which are slowly being taken over by the futuristic flora and fauna.

The main character is seen exploring the container.  He discovers a strange mobile device which seems to direct him to a mystery research facility.  As he is trying to make sense of what is on the screen a sound of rotor blades warns him that he is in danger and to make his escape.

​Questions to ask 

  • When is this story set?  How do we know?
  • What do you think has happened?
  • How did one man survive or are there more?
  • What is trying to stop him and why?
  • What will happen next?


Writing opportunities

  • Describe the settings in the opening scenes. 
  • Create an internal monologue for the character. (See note below) 
  • Create a character profile for who this man is. 
  • Create a news report to describe the day the 'world ended' 
  • Write a prequel
  • Create further scenes set in this landscape. 
  • Design additional futuristic weapons/machines - draw diagrams and write explanations. 
  • When the film ends what happens next?  Continue the story


Example of creating an internal monologue for the character.

Write what the character is thinking as he moves through the landscape. 

He may be recalling the events as if they happened in the past.

It was a day like any other.  I spent it looking for clues in one of the thousands of Nanotech buildings around Nanosaki.  I pushed the container to the edge of the 87th floor and watched it fall down.  The noise it made thundered around the empty buildings but there was no one there to hear and it was the only way I was going to get it open. 

I switched on the machine and there I was, my own face staring back at me.  It was coming back to me. I need to get to research facility B.  

What is that noise?  I better leave now. 



Spanish - Introducing yourself in Spanish using 'me llamo' and 'tengo'. Head to the link provided and practice the phrases for introducing yourself. This will be great practice for our next lesson!!!

Topic: How humans got fire! We have been learning about Shang Gods. Watch the link below to learn about this Shang myth. Can you create a summary of the story using a comic strip? This Shang myth or legend is very similar to the Bible story of Noah and the Great Flood, research Noah and the Great Flood and compare it!

WC 27.9.21 - Investigating refraction and making coins disappear!

W/C 20.9.21 - Testing out our finished periscopes! We made periscopes over two lessons! This was a great project as we practiced our design skills, teamwork, science and maths skills! We had fun exploring how periscopes are used!

Jigsaw PSHE - w/c 13.9.21 - Exploring chocolate production and comparing our lives with people living in other countries.

Science - w/c 13.9.21 - Making Periscopes

Active Maths - w/c 13.9.21 - Rounding numbers outdoor trail

Art - w/c 6.9.21 - Making Chinese Scroll Paintings!

Science - w/c 6.9.21 - Exploring how light travels by creating our own news show!

PE - w/c 6.9.21- Designing our own fitness circuits!