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Mrs Bendelow 👩🏻‍🦱 Mrs Robinson 👱🏻‍♀️ Year 1

12.05.22 LI To bring a design to reality. We used a range of materials and worked as a team to bring our designs to life. We remembered how to cut safely as well as how to carry equipment carefully. We worked as a team and thought carefully about how to make each part of our design. We enjoyed presenting our castles to the class and talked in detail about e

09.05.22 LI: To know that Christians believe God created the Universe.

Year 1 enjoyed exploring the different aspects of Creation. They felt the grass and soil underneath their bare feet, listened to the different nature noises, closed their eyes and felt the sunlight on their skin, discussed their favourite animals and explored different textures around them such as bark, leaves, grass,stones and flowers. 

27.04.22 This week year 1 have been exploring and representing numbers to 100. We have been using lots of practical resources, number digits and words and our stem sentences describing the tens and ones.

01.04.22 Well done to Bea for achieving ‘Glorious Gold’! Bea has an amazing attitude to learning, 100% of the time! She uses her time wisely and complete her work to her highest standard. We were particularly impressed with her poster about Judaism. Well done Bea!

01.04.22 Hop for the hospice! We were pleased to meet some people from St Leonard’s Hospice today. They told us all about their great work and how they help people. To help them gain recognition, and hopefully raise money, we have been hopping for the hospice! We made ears to help us get a spring in our step. It was very exciting to be able to hop with their huggable mascot Lenny! Please donate if you can, details are on the school newsletter.

Reception and Year 1 were lucky enough to have our local police officers come and visit us to talk about how they help keep us safe and answer any of our questions. 

30.03.22 Year 1 have enjoyed learning about people who help us, what it is to be frightened and where I feel safe and road safety.

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We used Jigsaw Jack as our talking object to share our thoughts about where and who we feel safe with.
We talked about what it means to feel frightened and who we can talk to when we feel the way.

Investigation Station - the egg is hatching!

21.03.22 Today we started learning all about primary colours and how they can be mixed to make secondary colours. We continued our work on portraits alongside this. We examined the features of our faces and thought carefully about where are features are placed. To use our primary colours, we were inspired by the work of Andy Warhol. We loved his ‘pop art, and enjoyed using original colours to add colour to our portraits.

18.03.22 We had lots of fun designing our very own red noses today. We talked about how we can help people and the importance of considering others and being kind.

10.03.22 Meet the Queens and Kings of Year 1. Today we were learning about the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. We wrote about the process and enjoyed examining the crown. We looked at the jewels and details of the crown and included some of these features in our very own crowns.

07.03.22 We used our Spring poems to help us plan and create Spring collages with a wide range of materials and techniques.

04.03.22 Spring Greens.

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We have been examining the signs of Spring this week. We have been inspired by the poetry of Shirley Hughes and have enjoyed writing our own poems. We enjoyed reading words to find words with the same initial sounds as we began to learn what alliteration is. Here are some of the poems we wrote for you to enjoy.

04.03.22 World Book Day - Part 2 We were delighted to have Year 4 visit us today to share their stories! We were very impressed that Year 4 had written and illustrated the book all by themselves. We then shared some of our own story books from our class and introduced them to our Book Buddies too.

03.03.22 World Book Day(s) Today we celebrated part 1 of World Book Day and our love of reading. We started by looking at a range of books and talking about if we ‘love, like or leave’ them. If was great to see the children have such detailed discussions about the books and express their opinions about genres, explaining their thoughts. Later we introduced our new reading buddies! We have some new friends that have moved into out classroom. This afternoon, the children enjoyed sharing a range of books with the buddies. We do need to think of some names for some of our buddies so please get thinking of ideas!

This week Year 1 have been putting their seasonal knowledge to the test. We all went on a field trip around our local community to see what signs of Spring we could observe and record, just like our science superhero ‘Dingo Detective’. 

Throughout the week we are using this as a focus in our writing starting with Spring sentences building up to Spring poems in the style of Shirley Hughes. 


17.02.22 What a great term we’ve had so far! The reward jar was full so it was time to celebrate with a well earned class party! The children earned their reward for so many amazing reasons and showing the attributes of FLOURISH. Ask them what they did to help earn our party and celebrate their success at home too.


Welcome to Year 1’s very own weather station. Today we have been recording our own weather forecasts applying our knowledge of weather, seasons and day length. 


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Meet our Year 1 Weather Presenters

Glorious Gold! As part of our class reward system we love to recognise achievements and celebrate! Well done James for gaining a Gold certificate today for continual great attitude to learning and contribution to our class discussions. Lots of children have impressed us and gained their silver certificates too! Gaining these awards not only gets them a certificate but also contributes to a whole class prize. We are very close to earning enough tokens to get our prize; a Class Party! Keep up the great work everyone!

26/1/22 LI: To create our own treasure chest to hold our success coins. 

Today we decorated our treasure chest boxes as part of our new Jigsaw topic- Goals and Dreams. We discussed our successes so far and look forward to adding our success coins over the term. 

Our Treasure Chests

Welcome back and a very Happy New Year from all of Year 1! We have had a fabulous frosty  first day back learning all about seasons, shapes and excellent forest school skills. 

Spring term class newsletter

12.01.21 This morning we had a lovely time in forest school learning about the shapes of capital letters. We hunted for items using our letter names. We then enjoyed forming the capital letters using the materials around us.

Forest School

Merry Christmas Year 1, we wish you a fabulous holiday. What an excellent Nativity this week, we hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did :-)

Class newsletter - Autumn

08.12.21 Forest school fun! Thank you to Ruth and Angela for hosting our forest school session this week. We had so much fun! The children enjoyed matching adjectives to objects and making their own bubble wands too! Maybe you could try this at home? Please share on Google Classroom if you do :)

07.12.21 Year 1 have been busy exploring and reasoning with even and odd numbers this week. We have been using Numicon to help us sort numbers, recognise patterns and problem solve. 

02.12.21 It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! We’ve had such a fun day getting ready for our nativity. The children have started to make their props and costumes. Here’s a sneak peak!

25.11.21 To help children learn about their locality and gain prospective of distances between local areas such as Escrick and York city centre, We performed a 'Fair test' and tested out various modes of transportation. We had such a great time learning all about the types of transport and where they could take us. Well done to all the children for their energetic spirits! Ask them all about it, we had foot patrol, cars, a bus and trucks too!

18.11.21 We used our imaginations to create our own scenes. We worked together to talk about where the bus will go. In our writing we also used ! To end sentences to add excitement to our work.

16.11.21 In P E Year 1 have been practising moving their bodies with control and accuracy. We practised mat leaps, shuttle runs, hoop jumps and bean bag throws.

11.11.21 Lest we forget. As a class, we talked about Remembrance Day and why we remember the brave people who sacrificed for us. We showed we were thankful for them by creating our own Year 1 Poppy Wreath. We were proud it was displayed in our school assembly.

08.11.21 LI: To label and use the proper names for our main body parts.

22.10.21 Harvest Festival - Well done Year 1 for taking part in the school harvest. You should be very proud of your presentation, you were so smart and spoke so clearly, well done! Here are all your amazing charcoals art pieces. You observed the pumpkin so well, using your curved and straight lines with a good level of accuracy.

21.10.21 Thank you so much to the Grandparents who took part in our interviews today. The children were fantastic interviewers. They had written and prepared their questions, learning how to use a ? to end a sentence. They carefully considered what they wanted to find out about life of grandparents when they were their age. They should all be very proud of themselves, they asked the questions so clearly and considered the answers given. Well done Year 1 and thanks again to our Grandparents.

Over the last two weeks we have found out all about ‘How to look after a pet’ and writing instructions. We know just what they need and how to wash them. Ask us all about Dogger’s disappearance and how we helped wash him afterwards.

13.10.21 Learning intention: To use our herbivore,omnivore and carnivore knowledge to investigate and create animal poo.

Year 1 have had a fabulous time in science this week using our classifying and observing skills. 
We used our animal diet knowledge after finding lots of research ( just like Professor Bookworm) from previous lessons to investigate different animal poos. We then classified and sorted the poo into groups of herbivore, omnivore and carnivore. Year 1 were so hooked by this task that they wanted a go at making their own. So we scavenged the woodland for items we would find in each poo and chose an animal to create a poo for. Fabulous scientific skills! 

12.10.21 Learning intention: To recognise parts of technology and to turn on a laptop and use a trackpad to select options.

Year 1 have enjoyed identifying, labelling and understanding how technology help us this half term. We were very excited to use the chrome books on Tuesday. We practised turning them on and off and using the trackpad to select our log in options. 

Presenting the ‘Grizzly Bear!’

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As part of out exploration of the past we looked at how people danced. We watched the Grizzly Bear dance and thought the moves were great so had a go ourselves! We counted out the steps and thought carefully about how we moved. We hope you love it as much as we did!

01.10.21 Thank you to all of Year for helping to find Mr. Squeakers! Their searched high and low but couldn’t find him in our classroom. After thinking about what might have happened we decided the best thing to do was to create LOST posters so the rest of the school could help find him. I’m sure you’ll be as impressed as I was with their amazing posters! The children used their phonics to write some great descriptions. As a result, thankfully Mr Broxup found him! Thank you everyone for their efforts, we’re all pleased to have him home again.

29.09.21 Today we recognised feeling proud of our achievements and how we can all help each other by contributing to our class charter.

Year 1 have enjoyed classifying and sorting animals by their diets today. We have been exploring what it means to be a Carnivore, Herbivore and Omnivore.

A huge warm welcome to Year 1! 
We have had a fabulous first day, the children have settled back into school life as quick as a flash. Everyone is enjoying working together, listening carefully, sharing ideas and exploring the exciting provision inside and outside. 

10.09.21 We’re going on a Bear Hunt! This great book has inspired so much of our learning. We have been on a Bear hunt to explore sound affects to inspire our writing. We used the characters to help us represent number. In PE, our imaginations created an obstacle course to travel through. Ask us all about out journey!

We have been busy using our maths eyes for shapes, racing cars with ordinal numbers, dressing up and exploring characters, playing with old and new toys, strengthening our fingers with threading and being imaginative in the small world. Wow it’s been a busy day!