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Mrs Bendelow - year 1

Look at how creative Team Smile have been at playtime making this fantastic bug hotel!

Fun following, and writing, instructions to make a ladybird biscuit.

29.06.20 Year 1 Home Learning - Space

Online Sports Day

Remarkable Routine - Team Smile perform their routine inspired by synchronised swimmers.

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Tennis Phonics fun - Cross the river if you hear the or, au, aw sound.

22.06.20 Year 1 Home Learning - Sport

18.06.20 Exploring tints and tones.

Year 1 Home Learning - Famous People

11.06.20 Making a Volcano in a cup.

Year 1 Home Learning 08.06.20 Around the world

Writing Sentences -English

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Year 1 Home Learning 18.05.20

Year 1 Home Learning ideas 11.05.20

Superworm Missing and Wanted Poster Children's Examples

Year 1 Home Learning ideas 04.05.20

VE Day PowerPoint

VE Day Reading comprehension - Text, Questions and answers - three levels of challenge, choose the one that suits you.

Activeme360 - Maths Challenge Ideas Sheet

Make and fly your own Spitfire

Happiness is Year 1 by Mrs Bendelow

Hello Year 1!

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Word Fishing game i_e

Class newsletter - Spring

18.03.20 True or false - Half full is more than half empty.

16.03.20 Today we explored volume/ capactiy in the woodlands with the reception class. We got creative and found our own ways to represent full, empty, nearly full and nearly empty.

We are now working with numbers within 50. We can make them, count forwards, backwards and even compare them.

A well deserved treat for ALL starting our reading challnge with such enthusiasm, well done Year 1.

28.02.20 'Tricky word Hunt' to make our word wall to help us read and spell.

07.02.20 Number Day - Year 1 teaching Reception Class how to read and solve a subtraction problem.

Using adjectives to describe an animal we would like to invite to stay in our homes.

Working together to explore the 'ai' family. 30.01.20

29.01.20 Using the 'ed' to talk about the past tense.

16.1.20 Learning how teen numbers can be shown as tens and ones in forest school.

3D shapes in Maths - 8.1.2020

7.1.2020 - Developing our skills in provision

16.10.19 Non-Fiction. Year 1 have been investigating Non-Fiction books. We have been comparing the similarities and differences to the Three Little Pigs we have been reading and adapting this term. In pairs we found the Contents Page and used this to find information about a topic that interested us. We are building up the skills to create our own Non-Fiction fact book.

09.10.19 Woodland Word problems. After practising our one more and one less than skills in Maths, Year 1 used the Woodland to practise our reasoning and problem solving questions. We gathered objects from the woodland and created our own one and two step word problems.

Year 1 autumn class newsletter

30.9.19 Year 1 in provision (Seen by Mr D)

Explaining how to be safe with construction
Painting carefully
Busy, busy developing independence

Welcome Year 1! What an exciting week we have had recreating our own Bear Hunt ....

Year 1 have worked so hard this week practising their counting skills, we even discussed how counting in 2's can often be a more efficient method. We have learnt all about prepositions in Maths and have used this on our very own Bear hunt and to describe where we have found Bears in the Woodland too. 
After bringing our favourite Bears into class we are busy this week using our phonic skills of sounding, blending and decoding to write all about our favourite Bear characteristics. 

Active maths with Motty! Practising counting in 2's and to 100.