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Mrs Bendelow/Mrs Robinson - Year 1 - 2020/2021

22.07.21 Dress for Mess! We had such a fun, art focused, day. We started the day with giant group art using a range of materials. We learned all about primary colours and explored mixing them with our hands to make secondary colours. Outside we thought about different reasons to paint. After sanding down the wood, we started to paint the fences, we need a few more coats! Throughout the day the children also freely choose art and building activities of their own.

09.07.21 Carnival Day! We had such a fun colourful day. We danced and joined in a routine together, admired a real carnival head dress and showed off our own groovy moves!

21.06.21 LI: Should we care for everyone?

Today in Year 1 we read Mark 10 v 13-15 , we talked about how Jesus wanted to bless everybody including small children as he recognised their importance. In RE today we thought about our unique and valuable characteristics that Jesus recognised in the bible, we drew around our partners and labelled our qualities. These consisted of : helping others , cuddling my siblings, being kind, being thoughtful and helping teachers, rescuing my sister, making people laugh, sharing my ideas and toys, caring for animals and hugging my friends. 

18.06.21 The children have had such a great day! They have done great writing about the works of Rudyard Kipling, ask them about ‘Just so’ stories. They have examined and discussed the works of Turner and begun to recreate his work. I am so delighted to see that ALL the children have made improvements in their spellings and as a result lots of children made it to Glorious Gold!! However, I am sorry to say that, as we were so excited celebrating, that the Father’s Day Cards did not make it into their bags. I am so sorry for this Dad’s! You now have a reason to extend your celebrations, maybe starting tonight with the football :) Here’s a glance at what you have to look forward to. Have a great weekend everyone and well done for all your great work. Mrs Bendelow

11.06.21 Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth II

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Today we enjoyed celebrating the birthday of Queen Elizabeth II. We decorated flags and talked about the Queen and the royal family. We thought the best way to celebrate was to sing Happy Birthday and wave our flags!

21.05.21 Today the children used all their knowledge of fairy tales to create a host of homes that any character would love! They used recycled materials and named them, as well as thinking about the properties. Their communication skills are fantastic as they worked together to create each home. They thought very carefully about which design features to include and explained them to the class in such detail.

Year 1 have enjoyed exploring odd and even numbers today. We have been learning the rules for Odd Todd and Even Steven and using our 0-100 number knowledge to sort the numbers accurately.

Number Day! We've done so many activities to celebrate number day and focus on learning our Bonds to 10. We used our objects and wrote out our number bonds number sentences. We then practised using our fingers to find the bonds. Outside, we had fun playing Bond pairs outside and used our fingers to check we had the right partner. Next we made our own number bonds ‘3 in a row’ games. We had lots of fun playing the games with our friends.


Year 1 have been using their knowledge of the United Kingdom to act out Tourist Information Centres for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. 
Today we have researched the weather, the flags, the national flowers, capital cities and even had a go with some accents! Ask us about some facts and recommendations...
Fabulous work Year 1! 

We love Summer!

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The children have enjoyed exploring rhyme and have written and performed their very own rhyming Summer poems. Enjoy!

We had great fun on our phonic hunt this afternoon, searching for split diagraph e-e words. Why not ask for us an example when we get home?

15.04.21 We had fun outside practising forming our letters the right way. Ask us about our robot letters.

14.04.21 In English we have been working towards writing rhyming poems all about why we love summer! We will be reciting our poems and sharing them with you all so please return to our class page soon!

13.04.21 LI: To recognise that Creation comes at the beginning of the Bible story. Year 1 enjoyed our new hobbit houses in the sun today. We listened carefully to the Gruffalo story listening out for rhyming words. We then discussed the beginning middle and end of stories we knew.We talked about the beginning of the Bible being ‘Creation’ and what this means.

17.03.21 Today we were learning about the ‘un’ prefix. We talked about the word meanings and enjoyed acting with our partners to show the word meaning. Ext we showed the class so they could guess our words. Can you guess the words we are showing?

12.02.21 Science Day! We have had so much fun exploring several areas of science today. We have investigated water purification, explored materials and light by making flitter jars. We have also used ICT to research facts and use the internet safely. Ask your children all about their day and what they discovered and how they did it.

11.03.21 How to make a jam sandwich - Instruction writing. This half term, our writing focus is all about writing instructions. To help us learn what an instruction is we listened carefully and followed the instructions given to make a jam sandwich. We thought carefully about the importance of instruction order but had the most fun eating our sandwiches!

Welcome back Year 1! 
What a great day back in the classroom with all our friends. We have been busy enjoying our Tourist Information Centre and Garden Centre, learning through play with our friends.

In maths we have been exploring fact families using different representations and learning all about instructions in English.

Well done Year 1! 

14.12.20 Year 1 have worked very hard with attention to detail in Art this week, focussing on straight and curved lines along with blending techniques.

10.12.20 We have had lots of fun preparing our nativity films today. Keep checking back for our finished Nativity Films!

04.12.20 The wheels on the bus go round and round! Year 1 designed and then made their very own naughty buses.

04.12.20 Today we have explored the different types of transport. We thought about their special features and where they could travel too.

Year 1 have started exploring subtraction. They are using a range of tools and language to investigate such as minus, takeaway, less and fewer.

18.11.20 Today Year 1 created their very own scenes for ‘The Naughty Bus’. What great imaginations they have, enjoy!

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13.11.20 We started our day exploring Diwali. We shared some of our own experiences and enjoyed colouring rangoli patterns.

11.11.20 Year 1 have been learning about Remembrance Day and why we use poppies to remember loved ones from the World War. We made our own hand print wreaths to help us reflect.

04.11.20 We have enjoyed using our imaginations to create maps to explore, and describe, using our buses.

In PE we have been circuit training, focusing on our technique and timings. Everyone worked so hard as a team and to keep up their exercise for 3 minute intervals.

Year 1 have been busy exploring number bonds today using practical representations to support our learning.

22.10.20 As a special end to our grandparents topic Year 1 have written and recorded their individual messages. Enjoy :)

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15.10.20 Dancing from the past. We had lots of fun working together to perform the ‘Grizzly Bear Dance.

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Year 1 have worked so hard today! They have really impressed me with their maths skills. They enjoyed completing their partner into a part-whole model. They have made a great start to using the + and = symbols in a number sentence. Well done everyone!

9.10.20 we travelled back in today to experience how our grandparents might have enjoyed their leisure time. We listened and joined in a radio movement show. We also watched Bill and Ben and compared it to the new version.

09.10.20 We can use the mathematical language greatest, smallest and equal to compare up to 3 groups. We have started to use the < and > symbols too!

07.10.20 Enjoying our challenges in continuous provision.

In PE we had lots of relaxed fun in Yoga, we enjoyed making different animal poses whilst focusing on our inhaling and exhaling. We also made poses of animals that belonged to different animal groups i.e mammals, reptiles etc linked to our Science. 

02.10.20 Today we have enjoyed talking about our favourite toys. We then explored and played with toys that our grandparents might have played with when then were children. We had lots of fun!

02.10.20 We enjoyed using our ‘chomp’ arms to chomp the biggest numbers. We could then use the symbols <,> and = to compare numbers.

In PE we have been looking at games our Grandparents would have played. We really enjoyed learning about Hopscotch and making our own. This has helped us with our number formation, counting backwards and forwards too!

Recognising our emotions, this week Year 1 have been talking about their different feelings, what they look like on our faces and how they make us feel inside.

Autumn term class newsletter

21.09.20 We went on a Bear Hunt!

'I am Special! This week we have had fun creating rainbows to show how special we all our. The children have workedvery hard. What super writer's Year 1 are!

10.09.20 Writing our names, in GIANT writing! Recognising letters and sounds in others names.

Welcome back Year 1! 

What a fabulous day we have had being altogether again. Today we have spent so much time talking about our feelings and how thigs have changed in school. We have practised ways of making people laugh and smile without having cuddles. Pulling different funny faces was definitely a favourite- we hope some of these make you giggle as much as we did! 


Funny faces to make us giggle

Experimenting with 'Germs'. Today we investigated why soap is important when handwashing.