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Mrs Bendelow/Mrs Robinson - Year 1 - 2020/2021

22.10.20 As a special end to our grandparents topic Year 1 have written and recorded their individual messages. Enjoy :)

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Year 1 have worked so hard today! They have really impressed me with their maths skills. They enjoyed completing their partner into a part-whole model. They have made a great start to using the + and = symbols in a number sentence. Well done everyone!

15.10.20 Dancing from the past. We had lots of fun working together to perform the ‘Grizzly Bear Dance.

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9.10.20 we travelled back in today to experience how our grandparents might have enjoyed their leisure time. We listened and joined in a radio movement show. We also watched Bill and Ben and compared it to the new version.

09.10.20 We can use the mathematical language greatest, smallest and equal to compare up to 3 groups. We have started to use the < and > symbols too!

07.10.20 Enjoying our challenges in continuous provision.

Number comparing, season colour crafts and animal making/grouping.

In PE we had lots of relaxed fun in Yoga, we enjoyed making different animal poses whilst focusing on our inhaling and exhaling. We also made poses of animals that belonged to different animal groups i.e mammals, reptiles etc linked to our Science. 

02.10.20 Today we have enjoyed talking about our favourite toys. We then explored and played with toys that our grandparents might have played with when then were children. We had lots of fun!

02.10.20 We enjoyed using our ‘chomp’ arms to chomp the biggest numbers. We could then use the symbols <,> and = to compare numbers.

In PE we have been looking at games our Grandparents would have played. We really enjoyed learning about Hopscotch and making our own. This has helped us with our number formation, counting backwards and forwards too!
Year 1 Hopscotch

Recognising our emotions, this week Year 1 have been talking about their different feelings, what they look like on our faces and how they make us feel inside.

Autumn term class newsletter

21.09.20 We went on a Bear Hunt!

'I am Special! This week we have had fun creating rainbows to show how special we all our. The children have workedvery hard. What super writer's Year 1 are!

10.09.20 Writing our names, in GIANT writing! Recognising letters and sounds in others names.

Welcome back Year 1! 

What a fabulous day we have had being altogether again. Today we have spent so much time talking about our feelings and how thigs have changed in school. We have practised ways of making people laugh and smile without having cuddles. Pulling different funny faces was definitely a favourite- we hope some of these make you giggle as much as we did! 


Funny faces to make us giggle

Experimenting with 'Germs'. Today we investigated why soap is important when handwashing.