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Mrs Braham- Reception 👱🏼‍♀️

Spring term newsletter

10.5.22 - Mini-beast facts

We have been busy learning facts about different Mini-beasts. 

5.5.22 - Maths 

In maths we have been exploring shapes. We used cubes and shapes to make pictures and models. The children had to work in pairs to copy a picture or model. They used words to describe the position of each shape or cube to help their friend. 

6.4.22 - Forest School

In forest school we explored different textures with our feet. We walked through trays of sand, flowers, straw, soil, alpaca wool and flowers. We thought of as many words as we could to describe how it felt. 

Sponsored Hop for St Leonard’s Hospice 1.4.22

We took part in a sponsored hop to raise money for St Leonard’s Hospice in York. Before the sponsored hop we learned about how the hospice helps people and their families in an assembly. We also had a special visitor in the classroom… Lenny the hospice mascot. 


Police visit 22.3.22

We were very lucky to be visited by North Yorkshire Traffic Police. We learned about their job and how they help us. We had the opportunity to ask the policemen questions and to look inside their car. 

Jack and the Beanstalk w.c 14.3.22

Our focus story this week was Jack and the Beanstalk which also linked with the theme for science week - growth. We had lots of fun carrying out our science activities this week. 

We also looked at a variety of different trees and talked about the different parts a tree has. We then had a discovery bag full of different objects. We looked closely at the objects using magnifying glasses before sorting them into groups - parts of a tree or not parts of a tree. We then looked closer at the objects that are part of a tree and decided which part of the tree they had grown from. 

PE - The Sword and the Stone 8.3.22

This week in PE the children used dance to retell the story ‘The Sword and the Stone’. 


Rapunzel w.c 28.3.22

We started have started our ‘Castles, Knights and Dragons’ story with one of the children’s favourite stories. The children enjoyed retelling the story using small world or puppets, building new castles for Rapunzel and creating a banquet for the Prince and Rapunzel in the garden kitchen. 


Africa 18.2.22

Granny’s magic rug took us to Africa for the final two weeks of this half term. The children were excited to learn about African animals and fruits. We compared Tanzania to England and talked about the what it would be like to visit Tanzania. 

China 5.2.22

This week we learned about China and how the Chinese New Year is celebrated. We labelled animals from the story of the Great Zodiac Race, created  our own Chinese dragon dances and had fun strengthening our hand muscles by using chopsticks to transport noodles. 

Italy 27.1.22

This week Granny’s magic carpet took us to Italy. The children were keen to learn how to make their own pizza. We turned our role play area into a pizza takeaway shop, wrote lists for our toppings and made delicious pizzas. 

Winter Bird Feeders 18.1.22

We have been talking about seasonal changes and have discussed how winter feels and looks outside. We have also talked about the wildlife in our local area and how they adapt for winter. We made bird feeders this morning to help the birds survive the cold weather. The children worked carefully threading fruits and pushing sunflower seeds into apples. We are excited to see if the birds enjoy them. 

Marmalade Sandwiches 13.1.22

This week Granny’s magic carpet took us to London to meet Paddington Bear. We have learned lots about London including famous landmarks and transport. The children were keen to make marmalade sandwiches. The made them independently and talked about the different skills they used to make their sandwich. 

Whoops-a-daisy Angel 

The children have displayed fantastic performance skills in our Christmas production Whoops-a-daisy Angel. I hope you all enjoyed watching them as much as we enjoyed performing. 

Rocket to the moon 22.11.21

Inspired by the story Bob - The Man on the Moon the children have spent a long time designing, building and then painting their rockets to the moon. They have chosen their own materials, and explored methods of joining various objects together to build and construct their rocket. They have then added details with paint, shiny paper and a little glitter. 

Hedgehog Bread Rolls 11.10.21

We made hedgehog bread rolls. The children enjoyed helping to measure the ingredients and each child then kneaded and shaped their own bread roll. They learned about why yeast is used and what changes take place. I think we have some splendid bakers in reception. The recipe is below if you would like to have a go at home. 


Owl Babies 1.10.21

As we continue to learn about animals that live in the forest we have enjoyed listening to ‘Owl Babies’. The children retold the story using pictures and puppets. They were keen to learn more about owls and found out what ‘nocturnal’ means. 

Welcome To Reception 16.9.21

We have had a wonderful first two weeks welcoming our new reception children into school. We have spent lots of time exploring the classroom and beginning to get to know each other. The activities this week have been linked to Goldilocks and the Three Bears which they children have thoroughly enjoyed. 

Class newsletter - Autumn

Transition Visits 

It was great to welcome the new starters in school today, we can’t wait to get to know you all better in September. All the children enjoyed exploring some of the resources and most have painted a portrait in preparation for the Autumn term.