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Mrs Braham - Reception - 2020/21

Pirate School 25.6.21

Escrick had 23 pirates at school on Thursday this week. They all came ready for their pirate school dressed up as pirates. During the day they learnt to speak like a pirate, listened to some sea shanties, learnt pirate songs, designed and created swords, walked the plank and took part in a maths themed treasure hunt. 

Number Day 7.5.21

To celebrate number day this year we learnt some new number songs and also had a fun number themed PE lesson. 

Supertato 4.5.21

Last week the story of the week was ‘Supertato’. The children all thoroughly enjoyed the story and were keen to make their very own supertato’s.

We then discovered that some strange things were occurring and the children quickly decided that Evil Pea must have arrived at Escrick School. On Wednesday afternoon they discovered our vegetables had been taken to Woodlands. The children eventually found and rescued the vegetables so they thought they should try to catch Evil Pea by making traps. 

Unfortunately the traps didn’t work and the chaos continued in the classroom, Carrot was also still missing. We made a list of places to check and eventually found him in locked in a hobbit house. The children wrote wanted posters and suggested that we should try and catch Evil Pea in jelly, just as Supertato did in the book. They explored how to make jelly and finally on Friday the peas were caught! 

Sunflowers 22.4.12

The children enjoyed planting their own sunflower seeds last week. They compared different seeds and talked about how to look after the seed to help it grow. We were surprised to see that they have begun to grow already! We are observing the changes and keeping a sunflower diary. I wonder who will grow the tallest sunflower?

Outdoor Area 15.4.21

We are very lucky to have had our outdoor area developed and improved over the Easter 

holiday. The children have enjoyed exploring the space and new resources available. We are looking forward to working with the children to develop the area further with resources over the next few weeks. 

The Egg 24.3.21

We have had a very exciting week in Reception. On Monday the children discovered they had been left an egg! 

We talked about what could be inside the egg, and how we should look after it. The children looked for clues. One suggestion was that it could be a dragon egg so we listened to a story about a boy called George who also found an egg. 
On Tuesday the children received a letter, the egg was indeed a dragon egg. They have written letters to Mummy Dragon, drawn pictures, created a dragon birthday party and even sung to the egg! 

Comic Relief 2021

Welcome Back! 12.3.21

It was so wonderful to welcome all the children back last week.

we had great fun joint in with science week. The theme this year was inventors and so the children were set 2 challenges. The first Challenge was to invent something to help Zog move across the classroom or outside area. The second challenge was to investigate materials to find the most suitable for Gadabouts new armour. We also designed some new helmets for him too. The children had some fantastic ideas to solve both challenges and were magnificent scientists.  

A useful guide to accessing planned activities on tapestry.

The First Christmas 

The children have really enjoyed listening to the nativity story. They have sequenced pictures to tell the story and used stick puppets and small world figures to retell the story. At the end of the week the children chose a role and dressed up to act out the Christmas story. They were wonderful and really enjoyed acting out the story. 


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5,4,3,2,1 blast off!

The children collected resources at home to create a rocket. They independently selected and used resources to construct and join their boxes, bottles and tubes. They look fantastic on display in the classroom.

Autumn 2 - Zoom, Zoom, Zoom We're Going To The Moon!

This half term we are linking our play and learning to space. We have started by listening to the classic story 'Whatever Next' by Jill Murphy. The children thoroughly enjoyed acting out the story using props and wrote lists of food they would need to take for their picninc on the moon. They have created a rocket usng junk materiald and have also learnt a little bit about the moon and Neil Armstrong. They enjoyed some sensory moon crater play. We finished off by having our very own journey to the moon for a picnic!! (Weeks 1 & 2) 

The Wide-Awake-Hedgehog 16.10.20

We are finishing our topic by looking at the animals and creatures who live in the woods. We have listened this week to a lovely story about Isaac, the hedgehog who is too excited to hibernate. We went for a walk in the woods to look for different signs of Autumn too. 

Pattern 8.10.20

The children have been exploring pattern in the natural environment. The children found lots of different patterns in woodlands and made some rubbings too. We have also explored repeating patterns and made our own using lots of resources including musical instruments. 

The Gruffalo 28.9.20

The children thoroughly enjoyed listening to the Gruffalo. They went for a walk around the school environment to find objects to create a Gruffalo story tray. They enjoyed using this and puppets to retell the story. Lots of fun was also had making a Gruffalo feast in the mud kitchen!

Once Upon A Time... 21.9.20

The children enjoyed listening to the traditional Stories, Goldilocks and the Three Bears and Little Red Riding Hood. The children thought about how the characters felt, made wanted posters for Goldilocks, mixed brown paint, created baskets for Red Riding Hood and explored capacity with porridge. 

Autumn term class newsletter

Autumn Term 1

Our topic this half term is ‘If you go down to the woods today’, so we will be listening to different stores set in the woods. We will learn about animals that live in the woods and seasonal changes that occur as we move through Autumn.



While we can’t hug 15.9.20

All the children had a fantastic start to the new school year during the first week. The children spent lots of time exploring the classroom, the outside area and beginning to get to know each other as well as the staff in school. We listened to the lovely story ‘While we can’t hug’ about a hedgehog and tortoise who find new ways to show each they care and love each other. The children painted rainbows, made funny faces with playdough and some wrote letters just like in the story. All the children made a hedgehog out of a range of resources.


We are thoroughly looking forward to meeting you all and getting to know you. Please have a read of the letter below from myself and a look at the virtual tour of the classroom. I have added some useful hints and tips to the 'Useful Documents' page (see tab below).

    Phonics is key to learning now and throughout life. Mr Deakin has 

created a page which has resources and information for you to access. We hope you find this helpful but any questions,

please ask. smiley