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Welcome to our Year 3 class page!

Online Sports Day

Apostrophes for contraction / Handwriting

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Recognising Angles

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Web links for further spelling activities if you wish:   - from the home page, click on lists at the top, where you can search specific spelling strings, or just choose the list of the day, or trending lists;  - fun visuals to help remember tricky spellings – quick, memorable animations and quizzes.

Non-Chronological Reports

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Reading comprehension - 3 levels, 1 star easiest, 3 stars hardest. If you find the Garden Birds reading comprehension too hard, try the easier one about Florence Nightingale (a famous Victorian who has been in the news recently - do you know why?). Again this has 3 levels of difficulty.

Resources to support Home Learning Summer sheet 2 24.4.20

Another place to find Year 3 work! 

The government have launched an online learning platform ' The Oak National Academy '. From the home page, go to ' online classroom ' and then ' subject - year 3 ' and you will find English, Maths and Foundation ( rest of curriculum ) lessons. You may wish to dip into this alongside or instead of the activities we are sending home. 


Class newsletter - Spring

Geography Geniuses

Year 3 have been working with maps. We have compared Victorian and modern maps of Escrick, used British Isles and European maps to build our knowledge of countries and capital cities, and we have even created a human map of Northern Europe. Today we drew our own maps of the Forest School area and played a compass directions game.

27.2.2020 Maths Trails to warm up in PE

25.2.2020 Surveying colours of cars on the A19 - we made pictograms with our results

13.2.2020 Making fruit kebabs in DT linked to our French learning

In Science, we have been observing over time.

Two plants after 2 weeks - which one had no water?

5.2.2020. Learning to ask and answer questions in French based on fruits.We are making fruit kebabs next week.

w/c 12.01.20 Victorians topic work

Role play - child labourers in a Victorian cotton mill; exploring the movement of workers from countryside to town in our Lowry inspired Victorian urban streets art work. 


w/c 13.1.2020 - Exploring parts of plants in Science and then printing leaves we found on a leaf hunt.

26.11.19 Collaborative Maths Problem Solving

Y3 Stone Age hunters with their spears stealthily stalking animals for food, shelter and clothing purposes in Forest School 14.11.19

Stone Age date sorting 7.11.19

We worked in groups to sort events from the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age into date order. There were some massive numbers! Our largest number was 4,500,000 years ago, when the earliest “humans” were in Africa.

Being palaeontologists! 14.10.19

Volcanoes homework 4.10.19

Well done to all Year 3 children - what an incredible selection of models, posters, PowerPoints and PDFs we shared in class this week! We were really impressed by the standard of work. Many thanks to all the mums, dads and other helpers at home. Shown here is a selection of models and posters.

Forest School skills 3.10.19

We learned how to tie a reef knot and how to lash sticks together to make a square frame. Lots of perseverance was needed!



1.10.19 Active maths in the hall ( because of the rain! ) to practise our adding skills and introduce subtraction then back to the classroom for some practical work.

27.9.19 RE topic - What does it mean to be a Christian in Britain today?

We thought about how Christians show their beliefs in church. We matched Bible quotations to activities we might see going on in church and made freeze frames to illustrate singing hymns, taking communion, praying, listening to Bible stories and sharing at harvest time.

26.9.19 Forest School

Linked to our topic on rocks and minerals, we have been taking soil samples and analysing what they contain.. animal, vegetable and mineral matter! We have also created our own erupting volcanoes. Our “lava” was made by mixing bicarbonate of soda with vinegar - the chemical reaction of the alkali and acid made bubbles of carbon dioxide.

20.9.19 British Values

We have been thinking about the value of “individual liberty” and everybody’s right to have a voice. We talked about why Greta Thunberg was in the news and about the climate change issues she is championing. Then we made our own climate change posters and banners.

Year 3 autumn class newsletter

We have had a very busy but very settled start to the new term and are having lots of fun in year three! Photos will be added to the page regularly to share with you what we have been up to in our lessons …. 

Week 2 - computing, classifying rocks in Science, meeting Mr Novell for music, active maths on a rainy day and PE!