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Mrs Pape/Mrs Peters - Year 3 - 2020/21

Design and technology project 1.7.21: Last week we learned how to make a pneumatic system. This week we designed and created moving monsters. At least one part of our monster had to move, for example a mouth that opened, a tail that moved or an eye that bulged out. We created pneumatic systems to make our monsters move.

17.6.21 Making coil pots. We learned how to build up from the base using coils of clay, smoothing the sides as we went so our pots looked good and were strong and sturdy.

Making fruit kebabs! We designed them using their French names! Apologies if your photo isn’t here - some were blurry.

17.5.21 We have been looking at drawing faces and facial expressions in our art lessons. We have drawn ourselves as some fierce-looking Vikings!

More work on relationships and feelings with Ceri, our PSHE teacher this half term.

A visit from Reverend Kirkman for Collective Worship 18.5.2021

11.5.2021 Forest School - Making miniature shelters!

4.5.2021 Making trace fossils in Science

12.5.2021 We celebrated World Limerick Day by writing some of our own!

PE Cricket skills with Ben, our coach 26.4.21

26.4.21 French - learning fruit names via a game of pairs!

Science quizzes - Year 3 have learnt an amazing amount about natural rock formation! 27.4.21

Computing 28.4.21 Presenting Information about our Science topic - rocks

Forest School 21.4.21 Lashing sticks together to make a platform to carry a rock - team work, collaboration and communication

PSHE 21.4.21 Ceri was back with us today :)

Science 20.4.21 Classifying Rocks. We have learnt about igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks - how they are formed and their features.

Moorland Walk 20.4.21 - This morning, we enjoyed a zoom session exploring The NYM national park!

A busy first week back for us at the start of our summer term! Our termly class letter will be coming out shortly - PE is on Mondays only this term. Some of you may be joining Ben for netball club on Mondays after school too! 

We’re looking forward to visiting our new hobbit houses for a peek inside soon ...



More challenges to keep you busy this week! 


Challenge 1 - Double Bounce 30 second challenge

For this challenge you do 2 little jumps every time you turn the rope once, keeping your feet together side-by-side at all times.

Our video shows you how to build your successes by starting with 1 double bounce in 1 rope turn, then building on it a bit at a time.


Challenge - Hop & Swap 30 second challenge

For this challenge you do 2 little hops on each foot every time you turn the rope once. Our video shows you how to build your successes by starting with 1 double hop in 1 rope turn, then building on it a bit at a time


Challenge 3 - Side Swing 30 second challenge

For this challenge you do 1 rotational swing of the rope on each side of your body, then open your arms and jump the rope once, and then repeat the whole move. Our video shows you how to build your successes by starting with 1 side swing + 1 jump, then building on it a bit at a time.


If you don't have a skipping rope, you could pretend!!

Share any videos on Google Classroom!! 




19.3.21 On Red Nose Day, some of us dressed as SUPERHEROES! We spent a lot of the day on an art project for a church competition with the theme “light in difficult times “.

Practical Maths to compare parts of the same whole 16.3.2021

Science Week - designing bugs that float. We had quite a lot of sinkers so had to work out why as a team!

Active English Trail - using conjunctions

Autumn term class newsletter

Forest School 11.11.2020 Leaf Identification and rubbings

Working practically and pictorially - English and Maths

PE 9.11.2020 Tag Rugby with our new coach, Ben.

Using laptops 9.11.2020 to help us learn French colours

We are visiting our woodland on Wednesdays in November. No photos this week but we had a go at making leaf crowns. It is trickier than it sounds. Lots of us showed lots of determination and perseverance and many of us worked well as part of a team. It was also good to get outside to learn in the sunshine and fresh air. Remember your outdoor PE kits and wellies/boots next Wednesday. 

22.10.20 We have been using ambitious vocabulary to write our diamond poems about the night. Some of our poems make the night feel sinister and scary, while others make the night feel wonderful and exciting, depending on our word choices.

8.10.20 Illustrious Owls art work - we looked at Illustrious Owl by Inuit artist Kenojuak Ashevak, and were inspired to create our own fantastic owls.

7.10.20 Worry Wizard Wednesday! This week we talked about not letting our worries get too big so that they unbalance us.

Science - making models to help us understand day and night

25.9.20 We have been researching and planning non-chronological reports about owls. Today we wrote our reports, making sure we used features such as paragraphs, subheadings and bullet points. Here are some of our fantastic first drafts.

Active Maths and PE on Monday 14th in the sunshine

16.9.2020 We had our first visit from The Worry Wizard!

15.9.2020 Sketching the tree Plop the Owl might live in ....

First week back! Time for a new Year 3 history topic.

We have started learning about The Normans. We found out when they arrived in Britain, and we know that the story of the invasion is recorded on the Bayeux Tapestry. We created our own Norman Style shield designs, complete with symbols and Colour choices inspired by the Normans.

We also found out that Clifford’s Tower in York was built by the Normans. Watch out for more sign of the Normans if you go to visit York!

Our Norman shields