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Mrs Pape/Mrs Peters - Year 3 - 2020/21

Autumn term class newsletter

Active Maths and PE on Monday 14th in the sunshine

16.9.2020 We had our first visit from The Worry Wizard!

15.9.2020 Sketching the tree Plop the Owl might live in ....

First week back! Time for a new Year 3 history topic.

We have started learning about The Normans. We found out when they arrived in Britain, and we know that the story of the invasion is recorded on the Bayeux Tapestry. We created our own Norman Style shield designs, complete with symbols and Colour choices inspired by the Normans.

We also found out that Clifford’s Tower in York was built by the Normans. Watch out for more sign of the Normans if you go to visit York!

Our Norman shields