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Diversity Day

What an exciting and interesting day we had today! We were visited by Yesmien Bagh Ali (Yazi) who had travelled over from Skipton to see us.

We started the day with an assembly where Yazi first of all introduced herself in Urdu. She told us about her Muslim faith and her family's roots in Kashmir, and some of the children (and Miss Wilde) had the chance to dress up in some traditional Asian clothing. Then the children enjoyed workshops with Yazi where they cooked chapattis (yummy!), learnt to write Arabic letters, drew henna hand and feet designs, dressed up and danced to Bollywood music, and produced some woodblock print pictures. Each group also tried some delicious sweet and savoury snacks. 

When the children reflected on their day they showed that they had not only enjoyed the activities, but also learned  a lot! Thank you to Yazi for such a fantastic day!

Nb. Yazi's recipe for chapattis (and many other dishes) can be found on her website