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Gymnastics Competition

On the 10th February, some children in our school participated in a fun Gymnastics competition. We all practiced our routines and added in the steps that were necessary and scored us extra points.

The Gymnastics team included: from ks1, we had Esme, Scarlett smith, Tilly and Ella. From year 3/4 we had Harriet, Angel, Lizzie .They all contributed with some stunning routines. Also from y5/6 we had Zara, Lucy green, Faith, Hannah Morgan and Scarlett Cockerill .

We were against Hemingbrough and everybody there was very good as well. In the key stage one round Escrick scored 36.2 but unfortunately Hemingbrough scored 37.3.

In the 3/4 round Hemingbrough scored 37.2 and Escrick scored 37.3 so it was a very close call.

In 5/6 Hemingbrough scored 37.7 and Escrick scored 38.1

Kate then announced who won 1st ,2nd, 3rd in individual scores. From ks1 Esme came first with an amazing score of 9.1!

From 3/4 , Angel scored 9.7 to get her to second place and Harriet scored 9.8 so she came first.

From 5/6 lucy came 2nd with an impressive score.

Some of the highest scores were 9.8 and 9.9 and from Hemingbrough 10/10.

Thank you for all the teachers who supported us and Kate who judged and led the competition.


Thank you girls for an amazing report and congratulations to all of the girls who took part. You were all brilliant!


Mr. Deakin