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Phonic teaching is a vital part of English. At Escrick C of E Primary School, we aim to teach children fluent word reading skills and provide a good foundation in spelling from the earliest opportunity.


Phonics teaching involves showing children the sounds of letters (not the letter names) and how these sounds can be blended together to make words. For example, the word 'cat' is a decodable word because the letter sounds can be blended together.

c - a - t = cat


At Escrick C of E Primary School we teach Phonics using a government scheme called Phonics Bug which is underpinned by 'Letters and Sounds'. This is organised into six Phonic phases which your child progresses through as their reading ability improves. Phases 1-4 and usually taught in Reception, Phase 5 in Year 1 and Phase 6 in Year 2 however this can fluctuate depending on progress and teachers adapt accordingly.

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