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See what you will be learning in Maths this year - includes basic skills covered.

What will we learn in English this year?

How well do you know your times tables?

  • Have a go at this handy quiz to check your knowledge.
  • Complete the multiplication wheels.
  • As an extra challenge, can you create your own multiplication wheel or times table flower?
  • Use the multiplication square to check your answers.

Free Writing Challenge!

In Year 4, we love to stretch our imaginations and write creatively as much as we can. This helps to build our writing stamina and expand our vocabulary.


Try using these pictures to spark some creative ideas, or visit the website below to help you think of something interesting to write about. Happy writing!

Can you learn these words by the end of the year?

Online Maths Games...

Phonics Activities

Try some of these activities and games to help practise your Phase 4/5 words and sounds...

These games are really fun to try on your own or with somebody at home. Use the answers to double check your reading mazes and perhaps try timing yourself on the blast off game - can you beat your score each time?

Below are the Phase 4/5 sounds and tricky words. With the sound mats, you can think of different words for each phoneme and practise writing them (remembering to underline the sound). With the tricky words, try writing them without looking and then check if you have got the spellings correct. Challenge yourself - can you put the words into a silly sentence?