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World Book Day 2022

World Book Day!

For World Book Day on Thursday 3rd March, we are going to celebrate the children as readers and writers! Older children will be writing their own stories and reading them to the younger children, showcasing their creative writing and love of reading. The stories will then be given to classes as a gift to keep in a story scrapbook! Stories to be made and shared: Year 6 for Year 3; Year 5 for Year 2; Year 3 and 4 for Years 1 and Reception.


Over the next half term, we are also arranging opportunities for children’s stories to be shared more widely. Our first collection of stories from Year 3 will be taken to Fulford school next week where we hope many students will enjoy reading them whilst reminiscing about their time at primary school. Children will also have opportunities to read to others in our local community (details to be confirmed).

In Year 1, we were delighted to have Year 4 visit us today to share their stories! We were very impressed that Year 4 had written and illustrated the book all by themselves. We then shared some of our own story books from our class and introduced them to our Book Buddies too.

Some of the Reception children came to visit Year 3 too - we read them our magical fairy stories and then read a story together. We all love stories and reading and it was great to spend time together.

Today Year 3 enjoyed visiting with the Reception Class. First they created book covers together, thinking about their favourite books as well as creating their own. Next Year 3 shared the stories they had written, specifically thinking of their audience. The children loved hearing the stories as well as enjoying the detailed illustrations.

Year 6 shared their monster poems and Year 3 shared their creative writing notebooks. It was great fun! We were so impressed with the vocabulary and descriptions and Year 6 thought Year 3 had very neat handwriting.